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Unfair or inaccurate reports costing job seekers employment: Know Your Rights

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Want to know how to fix Checkr background check errors and recover money? Checkr is one of numerous employment background check agencies you’re likely to face during your job search. Find out who they are, what they do, and what rights you have under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

What is Checkr Inc?

Checkr, Inc. was founded in 2014, and is based in San Francisco, California. The company offers employment background screening services in the United States and internationally. It boasts that it “provides global solutions” for companies in all industries. Two software engineers founded the company as the “technological solution to a human resources challenge.” The company explains that the background screenings rely on trust and transparency and that is responsibility is to “be accurate and help [its] clients avoid errors.” According to Checkr, it “has found the way to balance safety and consumer protection.”

Checkr counts Uber, Lyft, Instacart, Postmates and GrubHub among its base of customers. This 180-person CRA is also actively expanding outside of the tech and gig economy. It recently began working with the staffing giant Adecco, for example, as well as the major insurer Allstate.

The company provides virtually every type of screening and background check by using the applicant’s name, birth date and social security number including:

  • Sex offender registry
  • County, state, national, and federal criminal checks
  • County and federal civil checks
  • Global Watchlist Search
  • Driving records
  • National and international employment and education checks
  • Personal and professional references
  • Drug checks
  • Credit checks
  • Social Security number tracing

It also offers drug testing, security and compliance resources. The company is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).

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Were You Harmed By False Information or Errors In Your Checkr Report?

Whether you get hired or promoted often depends on the information learned from an employment background check. A background check can come in many shapes and sizes. It may be as simple as verifying your social security number. Or it may include a detailed report of your credit and criminal history, or even information gathered from interviews of your friends and neighbors about your character and reputation.

Whatever the scope of the background check, the FCRA sets strict standards for how employers and background check companies get consent for and conduct background checks, and what they can do with the information they find.

If a background check company like Checkr fails to meet those standards, the FCRA gives you rights.

You may have a claim if a background check error cost you a job

Common Mistakes On Employee Background Checks:

Background checks are susceptible to errors. Individuals who handle public and private data about you can make mistakes and computer systems can also fail to to be accurate. Here are some of the most common causes for inaccurate info showing on your report:

  1. Wrong or incomplete data in original documents
  2. Typos such as number transposition
  3. Copying, filing, and search mistakes
  4. File corruption in computer system
  5. Duplicate information
  6. Outdated negative information
  7. Mistaken identity
  8. Identity theft

What are my Background Check Disclosure and Consent Rights?

A Summary of Your Rights Under the FCRA

You have a right to know if an employer will use information from a background check against you and an employer cannot obtain background check information without your express written consent.

A background check company cannot hand over your information to an employer unless the employer certifies that: (1) it has “clearly and conspicuously” disclosed to you in a separate document that it may obtain a background check; (2) you have authorized it to get the background check; and (3) it will provide you with advance notice of any adverse action based in any part on the background check report, a copy of the report, and a summary of your rights under the FCRA.

What if I get an adverse action notice from an employer after a background check?

If an employer takes “adverse action” against you by denying you a job based partly or completely on information in a background check report, the employer must give you notice of that fact. The adverse action notice must include the contact information for the background check company and an explanation of your rights to dispute the report.

Can criminal convictions appear on my background check after 7 years?

Yes, but a background check company must take reasonable steps to ensure its report is as accurate as possible. The FCRA also puts limits on the negative information a job screening report can include. A report cannot list civil suits, judgments, arrest records, paid tax liens, accounts in collection or most other negative information after 7 years, or bankruptcies after 10 years. It also cannot list expunged convictions. However misdemeanor or felony criminal convictions that go on record and are accurate can stay on your background check indefinitely.

What if I was deactivated or fired because of an accident and it wasn’t my fault?

You may have legal recourse now if you were fired because you were involved in a no fault car accident, thanks to a groundbreaking decision handed down by the United States Court for the Sixth Circuit. The court held that material omissions, such as not reporting the fault of an accident, can be interpreted as inaccurate information under the law.

Can I dispute a false disposition on my background check report?

If you don’t get a job because of information in a background check report, you are entitled to a copy of the report. You also have the right to dispute the report if it has errors or includes information it shouldn’t. If you dispute a report, the background check company must investigate and correct any errors within 30 days.

Background Check Error Cost you A Job?

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Can I Sue Checkr if my background report includes errors?

If you lost out on a job or promotion because a background check report included inaccurate or illegal information, you may be able to sue in federal court. If you sue and win, you may be entitled to your actual damages or statutory damages up to $1,000, plus punitive damages, attorneys’ fees, and costs.

Actual Complaints Against Checkr Inc

Hardworking people just like you who lost job opportunities due to an inaccurate or unfair Checkr employment background check report have already sued the company for FCRA violations. Justia lists at least 29 federal civil lawsuits filed against Checkr Inc between October 2015 and April 2018 most of which allege violations of the FCRA due to improper employment screening reports.

For example, on April 9, 2018, a consumer sued Checkr in the federal district court for the District of the District of Columbia for violating the FCRA in connection with an employment background check and that he lost employment opportunities and suffered emotional distress, reputational harm and other damages. The complainant alleged that he worked as a driver for Uber with his continued employment subject to a background check. The agency prepared the background check but failed to use reasonable procedures to ensure the maximum accuracy possible of the report as the FCRA requires. According to the complainant, the agency falsely listed a criminal offense record, specifically “bad check/pass/insufficient/$500 and up, misdemeanor” on his background report when, in fact, the criminal record belonged to someone else entirely. Uber suspended his ability to drive for it and informed him this was based on his criminal history reflected in the background report.

This is just one of at least 27 federal civil FCRA lawsuits filed against Checkr since October 2015. Most of those lawsuits allege that they did not take reasonable steps to verify criminal background information and, as a result, falsely branded the complainants as convicted felons and caused them to lose job opportunities. Some complainants filed their lawsuits as class action complaints, on behalf of themselves and similarly situated people.

What Constitutes ‘Inaccurate’ Information under FCRA

Lemberg Law represented Mr. Twumasi-Ankrah in a case against Checkr which was decided by the Sixth Circuit Federal Court of Appeal.  The court considered the interpretation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), specifically focusing on §1681e(b), which mandates Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) to ensure maximum accuracy of reported information. In the case, the plaintiff had several accidents reported on his background check, which were not his fault. However, he was denied employment by Uber.

The court clarified that to state a claim under this provision, a plaintiff must allege either patently incorrect information or information that is misleading to a degree likely to have an adverse effect. This ruling reconciled the confusion stemming from prior district court opinions regarding the definition of “inaccuracy.” The court emphasized that technical accuracy alone does not suffice; information must not be misleading to be compliant with the FCRA. Despite Checkr’s argument that the term “accident” lacked negative connotations, the court determined that the plaintiff’s allegations of misinterpretation by Uber were sufficient to survive a motion to dismiss. The Court reversed the district court’s judgment, remanding the case for further proceedings consistent with its interpretation of the FCRA.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) have also received complaints alleging Checkr violated the FCRA in connection with employment background checks. The BBB has received 74 complaints in the last three years, with 44 closed in the past 12 months. The CFPB has received 45 complaints about Checkr since June 2016. Most of the complaints to the BBB and CFPB allege that Checkr reports falsely listed criminal charges and convictions, included expunged, outdated, or incorrect information, included other outdated or incorrect information or misidentified the subject of the report. Some complaints also allege that the agency was not responsive or did not properly handle disputes about inaccurate information.

Actual Complaints Listed on the BBB website

“On June 15 2018, I had applied for a job to be a driver with Lyft and Uber and on June 29, 2018 the Company CHECKR disclosed information from 16 years ago. According to FRCA consumer reporting agencies are only allowed to disclose background check information from up to 7 years prior, Checkr violated this rule and as a result my application was denied by Lyft and is under review by Uber. Checkr also reported false information even after I corrected and sent them proof they still continued to report this information”

“I applied with lyft and uber. Lyft was completed in less than a week. Uber has been pending for 2 1/2 weeks! These ppl has no idea how much $$$ I have lost waiting like a sitting duck which extremely frustrating and unprofessional. I was informed by the rep that once they request the background report they just have to wait until it becomes available. How inconsiderate is that. There is a such thing as a “follow up”. But they tell me they don’t follow up. That tells you a lot about a company. A rep also informed me that they also send people into the courts to pick up the requested documents. Do you think this has been done in my case? Annoying! I guess someone needs to be a sitting duck and out of work for several months before they get off their a&& and stop being inconsiderate and have someone go into the Court house to pick up the documents. And this little scripted response of “your background is in its final stages” is getting very old! Final stages until when hell freeze…”

“Checkr erroneously reporter to UBER about a background check issue. After reading other reviews this seems like a COMMON issue. I would like to work for Uber but based on the error in reporting background checks correctly I was unable to. I was able to get on with LYFT with no problem at all. After spending almost a whole day trying to figure out why my Uber account wouldn’t work it was because checkr was incapable of performing the simple task of reporting to a business that they are most like being paid good money to report honest information to.”

“They erroneously reported to UBER that I have a suspended driver’s license, which isn’t true. I had received a letter from the DMV about a seat belt ticket I received while driving in the state of New Jersey. The DMV informed me that my license would be suspended on June 29, 2018, if I didn’t either challenge the ticket, or pay it. I informed Checkr of this error, but they keep blaming the DMV, stating that the DMV has suspended written on my driving record, and that I should contact them. The DMV confirmed that my license is not suspended, but would be on June 29th, if I didn’t comply, which I already have. I also went to UBER about the situation. UBER sent in snapshots of the DMV notice, and proof that everything was satisfactory. Checkr is still refusing to cooperate. I have, so far lost around $700.00 due to their error.”

Contact Information

Checkr, Inc.
1 Montgomery Street, Suite 2000
San Francisco, CA 94104-5520
Phone: 844-224-3257

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Sergei Lemberg

About the Author:

Sergei Lemberg is an attorney focusing on consumer law, class actions related to automotive issues, and personal injury litigation. With nearly two decades of experience, his areas of practice include Lemon Law (vehicle defects), Debt Collection Harassment, TCPA (illegal robocalls and texts), Fair Credit Reporting Act, Overtime claims, Personal Injury cases, and Class Actions. He has consistently been recognized as the nation's "most active consumer attorney." In 2020, Mr. Lemberg represented Noah Duguid before the United States Supreme Court in the landmark case Duguid v. Facebook. He is also the author of "Defanging Debt Collectors," a guide that empowers consumers to fight back against debt collectors and prevail, as well as "Lemon Law 101: The Laws That Lemon Dealers Don't Want You to Know."

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  • Steve A

    I just did a background check for a company that just bought out the one I’ve been with. Well Checkr pulled up my arrests from 2001. It’s correct but over 20 years ago

  • Brian T

    Checkr got me fired and denied jobs based on false information that I had a 50 and 75 year sentence in the same case, according to checkr I should be in prison til 2075.

  • Michelle L

    After dashing every single day for 25 months, imagine my surprise when I could not access the platform one day because this company Chekr reported accurate information but failed to clarify this info.
    Even once I submitted proof of the outcome TWICE, it still has not been corrected after 5 months.
    Dashing was my singular source of income and being a single mother, this event has caused tremendous duress in my life.
    Like I have contemplated suicide because times are so hard. The credit I worked so hard to establish is in the toilet. I couldn’t be there when my grandbaby was born because no money. I had to switch my youngest daughters school and we are on welfare.
    Someone should really do something. It isn’t fair. And I Am beyond weary…
    All I want to do is provide for my kids. That’s all. Nothing else. This has been a nightmare.

  • Steve

    Sue these criminals at CHECKR

  • Ron M

    Checkr began my background check for Uber on Feb 25,2023. On March 25, 2023 Uber suspended my account after 4 years because the background check still hadn’t been completed. Over a month later I am still waiting on Checkr to finish the background check. It is now April 28, 2023. I have had to borrow thousands of dollars to pay my rent and other bills and buy food. I filed a complaint with the consumer financial protection bureau. I have yet to get a result.

  • David

    Checkr did not pass me on a background check. I was hurt at work and my CDL was suspended due to my work injury and I could not pass a medical exam so DMV had to suspend my CDL privileges until I could walk again. My drivers license was not impacted only my CDL. lyft approved me immediately but UBER did NOT approve and I’ve spend all day calling. In the meantime I’ve been only driving for LYFT due to CHECKR. I had to call DMV and they said in no way would this matter to a background check.

  • Lisa A

    I have been working with Lyft and Uber for a few years and had always gotten background checks done but ever since checkr came along I’ve been deactivated and cannot work for any apps at all. I have lost so much money as a single disabled mother of two trying to make a living. They don’t even give us the opportunity to explain the situation!

  • Mike

    I would like to know if I can sue checkr for lost wages . I’ve been waiting 6 weeks .
    I consented to the check on sept 29 and it’s now November 13. Lyft background took 2 days thiers forever . Last year was similar . They reported 27 year old non sexual or violent charge and I think they’re doing the same thing again or it would be finished . Last year they said uber asked for any offense any date which their own standards only go back past 7 yrs for sex or violent charges and 10 yrs for DUI in ca. i would like to charge them for pay for the last 6 weeks about 5000$ is what I’ve missed out on .

  • Bryan

    Uber sent the wrong drivers license in my background report. I contacted checkr to fix attatching my updated license. They refused to fix it, telling me uber must submit the documents… I contacted uber multiple times during the next three weeks. They still havent “reviewed my documents. Checkr than sent back my background check to Uber with my outdated license and it said I do not qualify for work based on my “expired license” that I updated. I still have nobody helping me and weeks im out of work. What a terrible company.

  • Travis G

    CHECKR is just awful. Pulls info from random spots and costs people jobs.

  • S.I.

    Wrong or incomplete data in original documents- Checkr background check. Due to incomplete data in Checkr’s background check report I couldn’t work with either Uber, Lyft, Roddie, and Door dash. Everyone suspended my employment with them since their report. I lost my primary job too at the time. It cost me so much. Even more during the pandemic. I missed out all the government facilities for the drivers who cannot drive because of COVID 19

  • Harley S

    Checkr performed a background check on me and provided false information. When I demanded they reinvestigate, they took maybe a week, then returned the same exact report, not fixing anything. I need a job and my potential boss can’t hire me without a proper clear background check. I don’t trust Checkr to fix anything. I want my check cleared and I want to sue Checkr for the two and a half months they’ve forced me to be without work so far.

  • Hope R

    Checkr is reporting that my husband is dead. They want a copy of his social security card. He’s not dead, he’s alive and well and unable to drive because this company cant get their job right.

  • Richard

    Checkr has claimed they are delayed doing a background check due to Covid 19. My state has reported no delays in doing checks and has no record of checkr ever asking for one on me.

  • Maria

    Checkr says they could not complete my SSN trace with Uber. But when I submitted the SAME info for LYFT, everything went clear. When I ask Checkr to please review and correct information, they just send the same generic response and I have been suspended from Uber since Feb 7 2020. I have been sending more than 10 e-mails asking for a link or to be able to submit the correct information, and what do I get? The same copy and paste response.

  • Deanna H

    Checkr has reported my ID card as expired. It has been renewed twice since it was first issued in 2002. I disputed it, submitted a photo of my current ID, and they are still saying it is expired. DoorDash has not denied me employment yet but have threatened to. I have sent them a copy of my current ID as well, and they are refusing to acknowledge it as well. I feel like this may be grounds for a lawsuit since they are refusing to correct their mistake.

  • Cathy

    This company should be shut down for the numerous FCRA violations and hardships that it caused people. The federal government really needs to take this serious otherwise they will see a plethora of lawsuits and complaints at an unprecedented rate. I was a victim of Domestic Violence appx 6 years ago that resulted in a conviction that has since been vacated by law that means voided but CHECKR refuses to abide by the federal law utilizing VACATED public information from the court as a background check resource. in fact, the case has been cleared from public record after being VACATED which makes me believe they are using old records they pulled prior to my VACATE OVER A YEAR AGO, Ultimately, I was denied employment by Postmates as a struggling single mom. I am seeking legal recourse and advise everyone that fell victim to Checkr’s background shananigians to do the same. It is simply UNETHICAL and CRIMINAL!!!!

  • Alberto T

    I received a diactivation notice from uber regarding my drivers license violation,went to DMV got a copy of my driving record my license is active no suspension or convictions. I have submitted a copy of my DMV record over a week checker background say they are still doing a review. in the mean time i am without income waiting on a review from uber and checker .

  • Adani

    Checkr reported inaccurate information about my background check even after talking to them on the phone and having them corrected. And still cost me three jobs.

  • John T

    This company (Checkr based out of San Francisco) has given Uber incorrect information on a background check and I have not been able to drive for them. I received a clear report from them in April but in July of this year, I was sent an email stating that I have an arrest record (DUI). It is incorrect. There is a dispute put in but I just put it in recently. My question is this, I was clear in April and never received a request to drive on the Uber app but have been driving for Lyft instead. I thought that it was because uber charged more so I did not think to check my email for the consider status on the report sent to uber, and I actually have not been able to drive for about 5 or 6 months, meaning I have missed out on at least $3,000 plus, in comparison to what I was making with Lyft. I have asked for a copy of the reports from April showing cleared (lyft and uber) and they still have not produced it. Can I sue checkr and or Uber for lost potential earnings, especially when they boast about drivers are guaranteed a certain amount of money depending on how many rides they give? Also, this company has a pattern of this type of error, on the bbb website. I am saying Uber also because I asked them why there was another background check done a month and a half after they received a clear one and I never received a straight answer but was told that they normally do update checks every year but for some reason there was another one on me within 2 months (they said they received notice in July). I really did not know about it until I attempted to send in my updated insurance and car registration but that was not until October 2019, and I kept calling about the pending approval of both documents, and they then told me over the phone about the arrest record. As I said, I have put in the dispute and will follow that process, but I also feel that they are responsible for my lost wages (actual and or potential) and I also feel that there should have been some cross checking or verification as to accuracy since the first report was a clear one, and it was clear from Lyft and Doordash, which was sent to them about the same time between (April and June)

  • Lyle R

    CheckR has incorrect information in my file. I have contacted them but I am being denied work still as a result of their inaccuracy. They are saying my license is suspended but it never has been.

  • Babar M

    I am a senior and retired. Due to difficult financial situation I decided to go for UBER. On 10/18/19 Checker issued a Consumer Report to DoorDash with correct information. After 2 weeks on 11/02/19 Checkr submitted wrong report to UBER that my Geos is New Jersey and my NJ license has expired on 2/28/19. How come they issued a right report first and then in 2 weeks time they issued a wrong report showing that I am in NJ. Due to wrong report UBER did not hire me. I have complained both UBER and Checkr and no result is received yet. I cant apply to Lyft, since their source is Checkr as well.

  • Ameryna

    I signed up with hyre car and it’s well.beyond 48 hours for a background check. Something is going on and this needs looked into. They’ve allowed illegsl checks to be done on me.

  • Shawn S

    Im having issue with getting employment with Lyft. Checkr is reporting that I have criminal charges for parking when I dont its stopping me from being hired Lyft

  • Greg M

    I’m an UBER driver. Something going on with my account with them. I was told to contact Checkr Inc. Can you shed any light on this matter? HELP!!!

  • Kyna W

    I was denied employment for Postmates bc they reported my license status as invalid. The check was run September 27th. On September 29th, I had a another background for Uber because I was trying to add ride share along with Uber Eats. That background check came back clear with no issues with my license which is indeed valid.

  • Thomas A

    I received an adverse action notice because check violated fcra laws by reporting misdemeanors from over 10 years ago.

  • JC

    We were homeless for 3 months because of CHEKR –
    We paid rent on-time for 3 years straight – even when it shot up to $2100/mo for a 2/1 basement apt., so when we gave our 30 day notice to complex (a CON-AM Company), we naturally thought we’d have the luxury of choice when it came to finding a new spot. About 2 weeks later we applied for the *perfect* place …. and got turned down.

    We learn that a year prior, the (CON-AM Company) had filed an erroneous eviction ONE (1) YEAR PRIOR with the county that we never knew about…

    So with 2 weeks until our move-out date, it was a mad scramble to just find someone who’d rent to us. The city we live in is still BOOMING (heh) so any & all rental classifieds that were even a little decent got snatched up so fast – all we do is strive to keep our two retail stores open so coordinating an appointment w/ wife and listing agent was only way we could check out apartments. That left services like hotpads & Zillow. We learned 3 terrible truths:
    1. every property management company asks way too much info from you
    2. Everyone’s trying to get a piece out of you through “application fees”
    3. Nearly every property management company using the platforms we hunted on was using CHEKR

    Meaning that NO HOUSING THAT FIT OUR CRITERIA WOULD RENT TO US – NONE OF THEM. We showered at the gym and slept in our business for 3 months – for an EVICTION we didn’t even earn.

    We made it through and got settled into a nice place then finished the relocation of one of our stores. …

    Fast forward 6 months and our businesses are really struggling. So, wife and I try doing UBER to supplement income and stretch it to summer and guess what?


    I got turned down by UBER EATS for that, and it’s been 2 weeks with no reply from UBER about whether or not I am clear to drive for them until AFTER I go spend $99 on a ‘Medical Cert’.

    So, I can’t supplement my end, and the last of our people have to be laid off. What joy it is to watch everything swirl down the drain while powerless to stop it.

    All of the personal microcosmic frustrations aside – the bigger picture is that we’re so close to a future I didn’t think I’d live to see, and at this pace there’s going to be some very drastic, sweeping mistakes that screw a lot of people over and contribute to the class war everyone seems to ignore in favor of ‘racial tension’.

  • Elizabeth T


  • Mark T

    Checkr sent Uber a incorrect report and I have missed out on income. The 1st report Checkr sent was inaccurate and now they have completed the re-investigation. I’m cleared but now waiting for Uber to activate my account. Nightmare situation! Similar to many of the stories I’ve read on your site.

  • Evens A

    Seems to read a lot of my same issues with checkr ruined people lives. I have come across the same situation with one of your complaint of checkr pending my background check for a suspended license when my DMV assured me that my license was good even emailed the DMV letter and went to municipal court to get paperwork backing that I was ok. And now I’m on a second 3 to the 7-day waiting list with a checkr. Wonder if I sue for the entire 2 going on 3 weeks of losing pay, would that open their eyes on this issue. Not just me by all us in this predicament which to me should as soon submitting my paperwork shoulda been fix.

  • Colin C

    Uber ran a backround check on me ( they used Checkr ). In the report summary information, they did county searches that were clear, but there are three counties listed that I have not had any association with, one in an actual state that I have never even been to. I tried to get Checkr to correct via emails and calls, but the issue has not been fixed yet.

  • Joan M

    Both Lyft and Uber used Checkr LLC to run background check on me. Checkr outsourced to a 3rd party.
    They reported I had a felony charge in 1990. I disputed it showed them jury notice etc. All they said was they stood by their findings. I lost a lot of income and had a car repossessed because I had financed it to use for the rideshare income. Now I may lose my home. Can I sue?

  • Unknown

    It’s been 30 days since I filled out the application for a background check from Checkr. I do not have a criminal record what’s so ever. Due to the length of time that they are taken. I missed out on a job opportunity and now have to wait.

  • Sara S

    I was denied a job with UBER and LYFT because of CHEKR giving misinformation about me.

  • Carlos f

    I work for Uber for almost 3 years now 7000 trips 4000 + five-star ratings 4 weeks ago my account was deactivated said it was pending background check the Third background check after waiting almost three and a half weeks then they said that they got the background check you was pending review waiting another 2 weeks I complained it was taking too long texting you know I got a email stating that my account would not be accepted because you showed out the three years I had more than 3 soft minor violations as they put it on my DMV record one of the charges is on their showing multiple times another charge that showing points I went to drivers Improvement School and got a letter from the judge to remove points but it still showed it on there

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