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Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

American Credit Acceptance LLC or ACA is a subprime auto lending company, which receives a lot of consumer complaints to our law firm for debt harassment. Find out who they are, why they might be calling, and how you can stop them.

What is American Credit Acceptance – ACA?

American Credit Acceptance, LLC (ACA) is a third-party subprime auto loan agency based in South Carolina. ACA has received consumer complaints alleging violations such as improper communication and debt collection practices. If you have been contacted by ACA, make sure you understand your rights before taking action.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), American Credit Acceptance was founded and organized as a limited liability company in 2007 in South Carolina. The BBB established its profile page in 2010. American Credit is listed as a consumer finance company.

According to its website, American Credit Acceptance “is an emerging credit consumer auto finance company providing financial solutions from coast-to-coast.” ACA starts“with a commonsense lending approach for our dealer partners and end[s] with an affordable payment program for our customers … [and] strive[s] to be the leading provider of financing solutions in the emerging credit consumer automotive market.” The dealers that partner with ACA “will experience personal service” from its “sales team that flows seamlessly” to its “underwriters elevating [the dealer’s] customer experience to a level other lenders cannot match.”

ACA’s website provides information for car dealers and information for car buyers. Their dealer pages inform site visitors that ACA “has assumed a leadership position in [the] industry by creating a combination of creative solutions and personal attention to every dealer.” Its flexibility allows American Credit Acceptance “to offer a product to virtually every type of dealer.” More information about partnering with ACA is available by contacting the company.

The car buyer pages include “Customer Resources” that include general information about credit reporting, interest rates, and simple interest, and includes dealer locator and payment calculator tools. The FAQs page answers questions about account access, payments, insurance, and payoffs.

The American Credit Acceptance website does not provide a lot of detailed information about its business practices or compliance policies. They do include standard, legally mandated information about information privacy and security.

How many complaints are there against American Credit Acceptance – ACA?

The BBB has closed 290 complaints against American Credit Acceptance in the past three years, with 96 closed in the past 12 months. Most of those complaints allege problems with billing and collections. Many complaints also allege problems with customer service. Since March 2015, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has received 226 complaints about ACA. Justia lists at least 49 federal civil lawsuits involving American Credit Acceptance.

Can you help me file a No Fee Lawsuit against American Credit Acceptance – ACA?

Absolutely. Here are some Sample Cases against American Credit Acceptance LLC.

According to the BBB, in March 2016, American Credit Acceptance agreed to settle a government action by the Massachusetts Attorney General by which it agreed “to pay approximately $1.7 million to settle allegations of excessive interest rates on its subprime auto loans due to the company’s inclusion of fees for Gap coverage.” [More details:]

The BBB has received complaints against American Credit Acceptance for “billing and collections issues” and customer service. Consumers also complain about “dishonest” and “bad” business practices and that they are unable to obtain information or resolve loan payment issues even after contacting ACA. The 32 negative reviews on ACA’s BBB profile support these allegations.
In December 2017, a complainant alleged that ACA engaged in “wrongful repossession” and indicated that ACA is “dishonest and fraudulent” and that taking a loan with ACA was “the worst mistake” the complainant ever made. The alleged that although he fell “a little behind” on his loan payment after he was laid off from work, but called ACA and “posted a payment to be taken out” and “received a conformation [sic] via email” but “ACA “failed to take it out” and instead “a tow truck pulled into [his] driveway to take [his] vehicle…” The complainant explained that his wife, who was 7 months pregnant at the time, “called ACA” and “made a [sic] additional $500 payment,” but ACA till took the vehicle. According to the complainant, ACA claimed there was ‘problem with the bank”, yet ACA never called the complainant before initiating repossession. The complainant described ACA as “absolutely horrible” and indicated that American Credit Acceptance “made a mistake by not taking out the payment and still had the audacity to” take his car and “made no effort to try and help [him] resolve this mistake of [theirs].” The complainant ended by advising others to “RUN RUNRUNRUN away get a loan somewhere else, TRUST ME read there [sic] reviews you’ll see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a lawyer working on this as to wrongful repossession!!!!!”

In October 2017, a complainant indicated her belief that American Credit Acceptance engaged in conduct that “is not good business and borders on illegal practices.” She alleged that she received a billing statement from ACA showing that she was past due. The complainant called to find out where the past due amount came from, but it was not until her fifth call to American Credit Acceptance that she learned the “amount was coming from a fee from 2014,” that she had never been billed for in 3 years. When the complainant asked American Credit Acceptance why she had never received a past due statement before or a call from ACA, the ACA manager she spoke to “could not tell” her. The complainant stated that she felt “this is a very sneaky practice. The customer is setting customers up to owe more than they should. It can also negatively affect their customer’s credit as well.”

American Credit Acceptance LLC Contact Information

American Credit Acceptance LLC
961 E. Main St.
Spartanburg, SC 29302
Telephone: 866-441-0251

American Credit Acceptance Calling You?

Understanding Your Debt Collection Rights

Consumers are protected from abusive debt collectors from the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). By way of instance, the debt collector must identify himself or herself, who they’re working for, and what debt they’re collecting. The FDCPA claims that debt collectors can’t use any deceptive or misleading representation, like implying the debt is secured by the USA or any particular state. Additionally, they can’t use a badge or uniform to pretend they’re a government employee collecting a debt. Misrepresentation is a violation of the FDCPA and could be reported as such.

In case you’ve been a victim of a debt collector’s wrongdoing, then you can search for justice under the FDCPA. You have the right to pursue a claim against the debt collector; if you prevail, you can collect up to $1,000, plus attorney fees and court costs.

Want to Stop American Credit Acceptance Debt Collection Harassment Now?

Your debt harassment checklist:

  • You are receiving multiple calls per week from third party collection agencies
  • You are receiving early morning or late night calls from debt collectors
  • You are receiving calls at work from a debt collection agency
  • Debt collectors are calling your friends, neighbors, or coworkers
  • Collectors are threatening you with violence, a lawsuit, or arrest
  • A debt collector attempts to collect more than you owe
  • You are being threatened with negative credit reporting
  • A debt collector attempts to intimidate you
  • Criminal accusations are being made towards you
  • Use of obscene language during an attempt to collect
  • Automated robocalls are being made to your phone in an attempt to collect

If you’ve been harassed by debt collectors and even one of these has happened to you, we can help. We will fight for your rights.

The Lemberg Law legal team is committed to holding debt collectors accountable, so complete our form for a FREE case evaluation, or call 844-685-9200.

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“THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH for everything you guys did for us…. This was our first time dealing with a situation such as this and you guys made it so straightforward. Thank you!”

“I want to thank you and your team for all of the help you have provided to me. Honestly, you have a excellent staff who has dealt professionally and been very empathetic at one time in my life once I hit a speed bump.”

Can You Help Me Delete American Credit Acceptance from My Credit Report?

We can absolutely help. Call us today.

Can Your Firm Help me Deal with American Credit Acceptance?

The short answer is yes. Contact us now to find out more.

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Sergei Lemberg is an attorney focusing on consumer law, class actions related to automotive issues, and personal injury litigation. With nearly two decades of experience, his areas of practice include Lemon Law (vehicle defects), Debt Collection Harassment, TCPA (illegal robocalls and texts), Fair Credit Reporting Act, Overtime claims, Personal Injury cases, and Class Actions. He has consistently been recognized as the nation's "most active consumer attorney." In 2020, Mr. Lemberg represented Noah Duguid before the United States Supreme Court in the landmark case Duguid v. Facebook. He is also the author of "Defanging Debt Collectors," a guide that empowers consumers to fight back against debt collectors and prevail, as well as "Lemon Law 101: The Laws That Lemon Dealers Don't Want You to Know."

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  • S. K

    Hello, I purchased a car in 2018 from American Credit Acceptance for 18,000 I was told by the carmax dealer that was my total amount. I have made 30 payments equaling to 14,995 and American Credit Acceptance is saying I still owe 18,000. I kept paying and noticing that the amount was never moving. Can you help?

  • Beatrice S

    I financed my car with American credit acceptance three years ago and have paid almost $14,000 in interest with only 3000 going to the original loan. These terms where not disclosed to me at the time of purchase now they’re telling me I still owe another almost $12,000 and refusing to pay because the car is breaking down and falling apart, the car was involved in a crash and it was not reported. Which was also never disclosed.

  • D. W

    ACA is a scam how did a 10k vehicle turn into a 16k balance. I purchased my car in 2018 from CarMax and for some reason my balance is not going down. When I ask for a payoff amount they always say no or you need to wait until your next payment. I feel like I am making payments just to make them. This place is a rip off and they need to be investigated. Not only are they a scam but they will also mess up your credit score if you are one day late. I gave them a total of all my payments that have been made and they told me that I still owe 13K how do I still owe that much if I have been paying since 2018 I hope this site is legit and please help those are in need.

  • Drew G

    I have a loan with Aca I feel behind on payments . I reached out to set up a payment plan . They agreed and not once did they never take that payment . Also never receive a letter or phone call . Well today my truck was repoed I called and went to pay it the want 4700 I said ok and then within an hour it changed to 29k bc there’s a seizure on my vehicle but won’t tell me why . Am I being scammed

  • Vanessa T

    Hello, I recently purchased a car from Carmax, I was in desperate need of getting out of my previous car and I ended up getting a 2018 Lincoln MKX for $27,998. I didn’t like the car so I took it back and got 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee for $29,998. With finance charges and fees I am at $41, 841 payments are $1,202 a month with a 28.44% interest rate ( I know I know a HORRIBLE decision on my part) But I desperately needed a car with 3 kids and working, I didn’t really have a choice. I just looked at my credit report and for some reason there is another account from them for $1,038 , I have absolutely no idea what it is from. WORST decision I have ever made in life. I wish I never would’ve gotten this car. How is it legal for them to take advantage of people in need like this? This is not fair and it is not right………at all.

  • Montier D

    Hello! I purchased a car from Carmax here in Maryland, lender, American Credit Acceptance. My interest rate is so high, no matter how many payments I make, I haven’t moved past the 21k I owe. I’ve purchased many cars over the years and never, ever been in this situation. Then to add, I never knew anything about the loan occurring interest every day. I have a 2013 vehicle that’s barely worth 5k and I owe 21k and I purchased it at that price and 3 years later, it’s still the same price. Paid over 15k into the loan and only 1k went to the loan. I want out so bad and I can’t even refinance the car. I get sick to my stomach to know companies prey on people like this. I will be paying this car off forever and it basically on its way out anyway smh. Wish I never got a loan through them. This car ruining my life!!!!!!!! Like, what company does this to people and why and how is this legal….

  • AM

    Paid them off (8k direct debit which has cleared) over a month ago only to find out they refused to close the account, my credit score tanked, they listed me as missing a payment in august 2020 which I have the bank statement for, and now they’ve scheduled a payment on a 0 balance loan for November 2025. Don’t ever use them. Not to mention they charged me 28% on the loan which I think may be against Californias usury laws.

  • Ronald r

    I have been paying on my car at 260.00 dollars a month for 2 yrs and 3 months and still owe $8000.00 for a car I bought for 10.000!!!!!
    Have never missed a payment and they won’t even refinance me to lower my interest!!!!
    This company is the worst I have ever seen in my life! Ron rogers

  • Tiffany B

    Hi My name is Tiffany B i am 36 years old resident of San Antonio Texas single mother of 4 . On August 7th 2020 i leased a car from K& A Enterprise car delearship at 1002 w Hildebrand San Antonio tx 78201 . I paid $1500 down on a 2013 Ford Fusion….On my 1st payment September 7th it was confusion with paperwork because of the dates of payments due an Miscommunication between their office i ended up getting threatening from the owner Karla who i never spoke too before telling me i was late which i was not cause she was calling me on the 6th an 5th but my payments were due on the 7th which was told to me By then over the phone she was like its $500 .An she eended up getting it repoed by somebody not in a repo truck I had until the 9th to pay $570.00 to get my car back because of them an their bully tactics the repo lady threatened to call the cops on me then an have them take the car to the police impound saying it would be more 09-08-2020 …
    In the middle of September get a letter from American credit Services in Dallas Tx informing me my car was sold to them . Sometime between September 6th-11th they already sold the car to them . K& A never told me anything not a email , txt , call , certified letter nothing ..So i had to resign contracts an send them back to American Credit services. October i did fall into a financial slump the money i paid for my car for was from my income tax money i had finally received im a single mother . So for Octobers payment i had a payment arrangement with American Credit Services to make my payment by November 6th 2020 i have documents dated from them with this agreement. And if i pay by that date my payment would not consider being late an i could renegotiate my payment contract with them since they were a different company. Well today on the 4th K & A Enterprise sent an repo lady over here to take my car the lady said they had a Bank Loan an the bank took the loan back . But they sold my car i have documentation from the company telling me this . My payment arrangement paperwork is dated 10/27/2020 .
    K&A Enterprise is a predatory company preying on the community with these predators actions an i really need help to get them exposed an some kind of help because this is not right . While the repo lady was here she blocked me in took my keys an threatened to call the cops on me like i did something wrong which i should have let her call the cops because i have all documents to support my claims. Can you please please help me with getting this story out i tried calling them an they would not answer tge phone .I called American Credit Services they dont even know whats going on . I have to children to take care of an to keep safe an trying to be able to get around safely with the pandemic an all so this vehicle was a major decision that i had to make to purchase an commit to for our safety an health an these people are taking advantage of that . If this email find its way to your eyes an even consideration Thank you for reading

  • N. N

    OH BOY! I hope the rating is for this blog. If it is for ACA…well – ???? ????
    I feel like a bad parent. My 20 year old daughter had been at her job for nearly a year and was shopping for her VERY OWN car. She found a 2009 Scion tC Release Series 5.0 (Toyota Racing Development package); #1807 of the ONLY 2000 MADE. It had seven owners but was in near perfect condition with a maximum KBB between ~$4000-6000 (private sale). Carmax listed it at $8995 and smelled my inexperienced daughter coming…took her bland but good-enough “hand-me-down” car for $400, worked out her income qualifications with paper and pencil after telling her she “was declined” by four lower interest companies and “we have one last company that WE CAN GET YOU QUALIFIED with”, no explanations of GAP insurance nor it’s importance, did not inform her of the KBB suggested pricing, did not provide a CarFax/detailed history for the vehicle and forced her to purchase their “MaxCare” maintenance or the loan would not be approved. Against my gut feeling, I let my young adult handle it all; she did well prior to setting foot in the dealership. With no test drive, they rushed her through piles of papers.. Which brought under the “thoughtful business practices” of ACA for 72 months at 28% interest!
    Two weeks before her 2nd payment of $320+, a miscalculation resulted in her very limited edition, very well cared for, 1st car being wedged between the posts of an interstate sign. Thankfully, she WALKED away without a single scratch and she (not an officer) called me that night. However, the car is crumpled. Our insurance would more than cover the value of the car and the same-day payoff if we were not captured by both Carmax and American Credit Acceptance, LLC. ACA is telling her that her payoff is over $11,000 as of 10/28/2020. My math may be rusty but…
    KBB sug$: $5000+/-
    CarMax $: $8995
    *overpriced: $3995*
    ACA finan$: $11,385
    *unspecified”fees”: $2390*
    $320 per month
    ×72 months (6 years)
    …WTF does not even come close…
    I am still sifting through calls and paperwork and my devastated child. Not only is she devastated about destroying the first reall, adult thing she ever bought; she is also not sleeping over to threat of a predatory debt hanging over her just she was laid off due to SARS-CoV2.
    We do live in California and I am sure the laws are varied, but any “pointers” would help my daughter sleep and me retract my claws.

  • Wendy F

    Yes they are awful. First 17.9% interest rate. Had a few deferments only to be slapped with an extra $2500 in fees at the end. Tried to make a deferment but the payoff was wrong. They sent me incorrect amount. Contacted then several times only to be slapped with more fees because of their mistake. Car was $13500 financed and ended up paying $28,000

  • Keith

    I did NOT take a loan out with ACA but they purchased my loan from a local lender and it has been the most incompetent handling of a loan I have EVER been a part of. I have NEVER been late and they have reported me late 3 times over the last 90 days on my credit report! I contact them, show them the payment history, say I will be contacted by “management” for resolution and nothing. No call backs or anything. I have dates and names of who I spoke to and nothing. Can never talk to the same person twice and that is over 35 different calls! The screen shot on my account home page says I am 83 days past due yet shows a payment posted 12/27/19 and 12/04/19. WTF!! Credit has dropped over 100 points because of these idiots. They need to be shut down and forced to pay retribution!! The absolute WORST experience I have had in my lifetime. I have literally logged HOURS on the phones with these absurdly low IQ individuals. Its insane. They need to be held accountable and the only language they will understand is a class action lawsuit that puts them OUT OF BUSINESS.

  • Kendall B

    Please, please, please do NOT use American Credit Acceptance. Please do anything but. I’ve never seen anything like this and I fully understand that subprime auto lenders will come with high interest rates. It’s almost like it’s not a real company and is a scam. I am a hard working person and there will be no way to get out of this loan and no way to ever pay this loan off, they make sure of it. They are reporting me as late when I have sent payments, won’t call me back, won’t return emails, and I can’t seem to talk with someone who understands English well enough to make things right. I will be turning my car in to avoid this extortion and my credit will be ruined because of this. I will be contacting Carmax and telling them how horrible this lender is. It shouldn’t even be an option. This has been a nightmare and it will now impact my family and I for the rest of my life.

  • Christina

    I got a loan with American Credit Acceptance March 2017 on a 2010 Yukon with money that carried over to the loan that I owed on a trade in. I was nervous and worried due to the HIGH interest rate but was told that I had the option to refinance once I was able to provide proof of good payment history. To date I have paid $17,998.00 on this car. The pay off is $22,000.00 today!!!!!!!!!!! The car isnt even work 15 thousand on KBB. ACA refuses to refinance me, and I learned today that I have a daily interest rate of 12%. I have a monthly car payment of $691.00 and its killing me. Is it even legal for them to do this to people? Now my car is too old to get refinanced through another bank, I feel like they trapped us! Im more than willing to pay for my vehicle, not asking for anything for free…..ever, this just seems so unethical and like a major scam. Is there anyway you can help or am I just out of luck on this?

  • Bobby H

    I have a auto loan with acc. I had triple by pass surgery. Spoke with a rep explaning thst I wasn’t working & living off my social security. Asking if there was anything they could do to help me since I was just getting back to work. They said no so now I am 2 months late.

  • Hassan A

    I’ve been with ACA over 2 years I made my payments over the amount and they only show my regular payment I have no Idea where the rest of my money is going I have asked them to put it towards my principle but they refuse to do so I am looking to take them to court for unsavory practices they never give you a bill showing what where your money is going and what you still owe I’m trying to find a lawyer to take the case would help if there was more than just me any one interested please contact me

  • TARA K

    I bought my 2008 Chevy Malibu from Super Auto Sales on 3-25-17. I thought I was paying $6,500.00 for it. It was a high price since the car was only worth at the time about $2,500.00. But I figured that since my credit wasn’t the best and I had to get a loan that it would be ok. I gave them a down payment if $2000.00 right then and a deferred down payment on 4-15-17. I took that one down to the dealership. Then I paid my regular payment of $306.43 on the 25th. I continued to make payments until the came and took my vehicle. I have made all m6 payments!!! I have bank statements and paperwork for EVERYTHING! I am so pissed I got every document I could from them. They write whatever they want down. They add late fees and interest. It’s like you pay a payment and literally only $5.42 goes towards the car. My credit report is so messed up its funny. They put it as reported, then closed account, then it’s gone, then the check my credit? For what? Then it’s on some and not the others. Or it says I’ve made 1 payment when there records show waaaaay more than that. In their papers the dealership sent it has me paying $15,370.06 for my car! It adds my $25,000.00 to what I need to pay on! As I started looking into it more the odometer was wrong. It had been in an accident. Had 4 alignments, 2 transmissions and involved in a murder. Now MY car that I’ve paid for and that has MY personal plates still attached is was still registered in MY name until a couple weeks ago. That’s when it went back into the name of the previous owner. I actually called the number and it was an attorney’s office. I looked the name up and it says he’s in prison for fraud and money laundering. Buuutttt…
    I called on my Gap insurance and it’s still connected? Then I look up the vin and it says it’s at an auction in PA. I live in CA! I WANT MY CAR BACK! THE CAR I’VE MORE THAN PAID FOR! I have ALL documentation to prove that they take your money, then they take your car. Then they ruin your credit and sanity. Now I don’t have a car and my credit is so messed up I’ll never get one. What they do is messed up! 15,000 for a 2008 malibu? I love that car and I’m mad that they do this. We pay our cars off and then they take them do their diet in them and our names are still attached and then sell them either back to or to another fool. It’s time to stop this! I need help! I have everything so just let me know what to do next. Thank you so much!!!

  • David M

    I loved my bank, the interest rates were high but they were always honest and direct. It was nice having somebody local. They closed their doors and went out of buisness. ALL of their loans were purchased by ACA! I found out my loan was bought 21 days after the fact! As soon as I googled this company, all my fears of what I went through with GM financial came flooding back! I instantly started loan shopping. A week later the first bill came, the next week a “welcome” letter was sent with a “your payment was late” letter, I made the next payment to them because the due date had arrived. My account showed a zero dollar balance due, two weeks later I received a letter marked “final notice” telling me they were purchasing insurance on my vehicle since I didn’t have any. This was false, I immediately had my agent fax them my policy. That’s when I got lucky and my credit union bought back my loan for me!!! I celebrated that the nightmare was over! Last week they sent me a “right to cure” letter threatening repossession sent 15 days after my loan was payed off! I have lost sleep, had to be medicated for ulcers and migraines over the stress this has caused me! I’m afraid that I’m going to wake up and my car will be gone and they aren’t even my lender anymore!!! Run from these people!!! They think they are above the law!!!

  • Pamela F

    I have a question I just purchased a car from carmax and was told that my finance company would be American credit should I take this car back to carmax tomorrow I don’t wanna deal with this finance company

  • Jessica W

    I bought a car in Jan of 2017, then my loan was bought out by aca in Feb 2018. Not one thing has been reported to the Bureau. When i call, i get the run around. Ive always paid, a day or 2 late sometimes but ive always paid my payments. They say They report on the 1st of every month and there is an issue with the reporting to thw bureaus. Over a year???? I believe this company is a scam and should be held accountable for what they are doing to people. Even though not reporting is legal, but if they tell the consumer they report then they should be made to report. I called and spoke with many reps regarding this issue and got told if i default it WILL SHOW UP as a repo!!!! What the negative items will show up within a week but all the on time payments arent reported. The anger i have is real! Glad to see im not the only person having issues with them


    We bought a vehicle for my son as a first time buyer with CarMax using aca as funding . Opened in August not one thing has been reported it has not been reported he opened a loan he made three payments before truck was totaled the truck was completely paid off and it still has not been reported. So when finding another vehicle had to purchase as first time buyer again.
    Can we do anything to get this reported as he deserves the credit for the payment on the vehicle.

  • Jesse

    I got my car from car max I’m feb 2018 Iv not missed a payment at all not been late I was told at car max my first payment was due on the 20th of the following month concidering we put down a good bit of money but by the 5 I had a rondom number calling my phone almost daily over and over like crazy I didn’t answer cuz I’m one of those people I do not answer random callers, anyway it was ACA calling to collect payment telling me I was late thatbit was due on the 5th and I was like ummm no it’s not due till the 20th I have it here in the paperwork , needless to say my very first payment with them way marked ask late and Iv not been late since but Iv noticed my balance of my car went from 11k to now over 12k it hasn’t gone down a single penny so at tax time I’ll be tucking my tail and cutting my losses and surrendering the vehicle back to them I can pay on a car for 7 years it’s crazy


    I purchased a car from DriveTime back on December 26, 2016. The loan was through Bridgecrest. I made the January payments, but in February, I had an issue with my bank account and missed the payment on February 6, 2017. I emailed and asked if they could just please take out a double payment on my next due date of February 21, 2017. They did not take the money out and I did not get a response and a few days later the car was repossessed. I had this car 2 months. I made efforts to make the payment and got no response from them. Eventually, I received something in the mail saying that this was not going to go on my credit. On March 3. 2018. It appeared on my TransUnion credit report as American Credit Acceptance. Now that this is on my credit, although I believe it shouldn’t be, I can not take out a Parent Plus loan so that my son can attend college. Please help me!!

  • Timothy C

    I’ve had my car loan with this company for almost 2 years. A few months ago, I became 2 months behind on my car note and they offered to do a 2 month deferment on the loan. I declined and told them I would be able to get caught up. I made a payment arrangement with them to bring my account current. I sent them a check that they claimed came back nsf. I contacted my bank and I sent over bank statements to aca, that clearly showed the funds was deposited from my account to their Wells Fargo bank account. It even had their account number on the back of my check showing funds electronically deposited on 07/16/18, which is the date I told them the funds was taken out of my account. They had my car repo’d on Tuesday August 14th saying I was 80 days past due. The payment I sent was never applied to my account, even though the funds were deposited into their account. Had the check been applied that would have my account at the time of the repossession not even 2 months delinquent. After calling several times explaining to them, the money was taken out of my account and nothing came back insufficient. They told me they would need a couple of days to look into everything but the repo was still valid. I then asked, how do you offer a 2 month deferred payment on a loan that’s more than 2 months delinquent but you want waive the repo fees once it’s determined that the funds were sent to their bank account. That would have left me only a month and a half of being delinquent. Had the payment been properly applied to my account, they would not have repo’d the car. It’s very hard getting someone’s from this company to assist and look into this matter. It’s always call back and I’m told the same thing over and over, even after sending undisputed evidence to the fact of the funds being deposited into their account.

  • Janet m

    I have had my loan for going on 2yrs and the interest is so high nothing is been paid down on the car to make car price down they are always charging more interest, I cant even get help they asst me but told was 3month then once paid chg and cause me to get right back behind. So much interest can’t even trade.i have got rep off with this car it makes no since all they threat calls and letters and rep.they dont care bout your situation I explained I had heart prob illness still rude inconsiderate

  • Birdie C

    This company stated my loan maturity 5/2018, but I had put 6 payment in deferment which totals in the amount of $2904,.The rep. told me that I owned totally of $5212, which is extra $3000.00, and she wanted to me do a modification of the loan, this will take it out of the past due meaning the amount of $5212 and interest will be added until the loan has been paid off, which will be another 10 mos. This is not right!

  • lorena h

    I am a new customer with American Credit Acceptance they have only reported one payment on my credit report. I got the car in November 2017 the last time they updated my credit report was in February 2018 I have reported this to them but it has not been updated what should I do.

  • Clinton D

    I am a new customer with this company and have been lied to about my request to change my due dat on multiple times. I read online where others have been treated the exact same way. I am being charged late fees unfairly , bombarded with phone calls but no voicemail, they are rude to me, they offer only mail as the only way to make a payment without charge in the yr 2018 !. I am being told now I am 17 days late on my loan and worried they will be reporting my credit inaccurately. I have read reviews on this company and very concerned on what to do. I think they are doing predatory actions and do not trust or believe anything they say. I emailed them about my concerns only to be told to call them. I did again, only to be given the run around. I am ready to contact BBB and consult a lawyer. This is such a shame that they are treating people this way.

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