2022 Nissan Pathfinder Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Steering & electrical issues are among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Eight-passenger SUVs continue to impress busy families, with the 2022 Nissan Pathfinder making waves in its own right. The automaker claims it offers a “return to rugged,” but customers feel that it’s just a bundle of issues, including with the electrical system, steering, structure and seats.

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Problems with the Electrical System

Today’s SUVs should be equipped with the latest technologies and upgraded systems. Even if the Pathfinder falls into that category, none of the electrical systems are running as they should.

Here’s an example from an Edmunds review. “I bought the new pathfinder hearing they put the 9speed Transmission and supposed to be off road worthy. Currently it’s been back in the shop for faulty start/stop failure once and they couldn’t explain why. First started at 680 miles now 2800 its off and on my display screen. Using on a gravel road going to my farm the rear suspension makes lots of clunking. Towing mode should shut off drivers assist back up feature…. in short it doesn’t and very difficult backing a trailer up with small mirrors, emergency breaking, can’t even open the door to look backing either. The emergency drivers assist even breaks with blades of grass. Very very annoying and not easy to disable as you have to scroll through multiple screens to turn off….. then still have the dash busser while trying to back up.”

Why would anyone expect Nissan to build solid equipment? Just look at the class action lawsuit that was settled in October 2021. Nissan had to pay owners of certain model year Pathfinders $1,000 toward their next Nissan, as well as cover all of the repairs and offer a warranty extension, all because of a defective CVT. It probably won’t be long before this “rugged” SUV is leading to class action lawsuits because of the technology failures as well.

Problems with Steering

Keeping the big SUV is a main priority for drivers, especially with the family in tow. Yet, Nissan doesn’t seem to care, proving its incompetency with a defective steering system.

Read this Edmunds review. “We test drove three different ones and all three had extremely violent and erratic steering and shaking on certain sections of the interstate. Nissan was made aware and even tried different tire to no avail. We are waiting and hoping for a fix and or recall before someone gets injured or worse.”

As of now, there are no manufacturer bulletins or other communication about the steering issues, but they are expected down the road. For now, customers continue to fight with the Pathfinder, having a wrestling match with this large SUV.

Problems with Vehicle Structure

How well is the 2022 Nissan Pathfinder built? Some more customer reviews should shed light on the situation at hand.

Here’s another from Edmunds. “Went to turn windshield wipers on and the rear wiper fell off.”

Flying windshield wipers is a new issue that isn’t seen frequently on the road. Yet, it’s not the only structure-related issue. NHTSA Campaign Number 21V706000 relates to a recall because the secondary hood latch retainer bracket can detach from the front bumper assembly due to defective welds. If this happens, the hood can open on its own, leading to an obstruction and possible accident. While these types of problems have been laughed at in the cartoons, it’s no laughing matter when the hood blocks the view of the road in real life.

Problems with the Seats

A final look at how the seats were built wraps the whole picture up. It’s clear Nissan is unconcerned with the safety of its customers.

One Edmunds review states, “Just purchased this a week and a half ago, one of the seat belts for the passengers on the second row seat, broke it will not click. God forbid we are in a car accident and that person would have been sol.”

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are recalls surrounding the seat belts too. NHTSA Campaign Number 21V743000 points out that the seat back frames in the second-row can separate because of insufficient welds. Occupants might not be secured properly during an accident. Furthermore, NHTSA Campaign Number 21V742000 goes on to describe how the headrests in the third row might not have been welded properly. Because of this defect, the headrests can move around or detach. Again, those occupants are left unrestrained. The only question left to ask is, what do the Nissan welders have against children who would be sitting in the second and third rows? It’s clear that the automaker isn’t concerned with their safety at all. These welders are so incompetent they can’t even be trusted to fix a Radio Flyer Wagon for a child.

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  • John

    Have a Nissan Pathfinder 2022. Replaced the battery twice and prob w alternator and electeical charging sysyem.
    Car wont start. Had to tow it 3 times in 6 months

  • JoAnne

    We bought our 2022 Pathfinder in November 2021…Has anyone figured out how to get a passenger out of the 2nd row door? The child lock is unengaged and we cannot get anyone out of the drivers side second row… We also are frustrated with the “auto” start feature.. I try to start it from inside the store and it just won’t start.. Very frustrating.. we drove it to AZ this winter with a bike rack and ebike behind.. The darn emergency back up and camera’s would not allow us to back up without going through a whole lot of screens to turn the thing off.. and… where the heck is 4 wheel drive, high and low.. images of cactus, snowflakes and sand is just too wierd.

  • Lloyd

    If you are thinking of getting this car don’t. The runner pannels on the roof are coming off and the rubbers holding the windshield leave gapping holes. Bought the car in September and I am not happy.

  • Amy

    I purchased a 2022 Nissan Patherfinder in August 2021 and I was wondering if anyone else is having issues with the automatic liftgate? Sometimes mine will close when i push the button but normally i have to close it myself.

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