2022 Honda Insight Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Powertrain & electrical system issues are among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Every driver is looking for the perfect mix between efficiency and style, which is what draws many to the 2022 Honda Insight. After all, the automaker claims it is “style meets savvy.” Yet, it doesn’t take long to find out this model has a defective electrical system and malfunctioning powertrain.

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NHTSA Complaints for the 2022 Honda Insight

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Forward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking
Electrical System
Forward Collision Avoidance: Warnings
Unknown Or Other
Forward Collision Avoidance: Adaptive Cruise Control

Problems with the Electrical System

While the 2022 Honda Insight isn’t designed to be a high-priced luxury vehicle, the electrical system should still be reliable and functional, yet it’s not.

One NHTSA review states, “Throughout short ownership of the vehicle, a ‘Charing System Problem’ warning light has occurred when starting, and during operation, of the vehicle. The warning light occurs intermittently during start-ups and whilst driving. The warning light possibly indicates an error with the charging system of the vehicle that may potentially result in loss/reduction of power of the vehicle. This may result in an increase of a vehicle collision. The vehicle is currently under inspection by [dealership], and the service department states they cannot properly reproduce/identify/diagnose the issue at this time.”

It makes sense why Honda isn’t able to pay attention to this issue; the technicians are too busy dealing with NHTSA Campaign Number 21V900000. It states that the second-row center seat might have an automatic locking seat belt retractor that doesn’t deactivate the way it should. This could result in an unsecured child, which could be very dangerous in the midst of an accident. Let’s face it; there’s nothing “stylish” or “savvy” about leaving children unprotected.

Problems with the Powertrain

The complaints continue to point out how bad the powertrain is in this Honda hybrid vehicle.

An Edmunds review states, “The paddle shifters are another story. Their purpose is to adjust the strength of regenerative braking. They do what they are supposed to do but you need to fiddle with them constantly since when you set a regen level the system automatically reverts back to factory default(weakest regen) whenever you touch either pedal, gas or brake. Let’s say you were coming down a long hill and using the paddles you set the appropriate level of regen so you slow yourself down and maximize charging of the battery, but if during your descent you needed to touch the brake or throttle for a traffic situation then you need to reset the paddles again. It’s an unnecessary distraction.”

While Honda was the leader for many years, the company has been falling behind the competition recently. In a few years’ time, it may no longer be a top choice if the quality continues plummeting downhill. It’s time for the engineers to gain some “insight” into how an automobile should be built.

Your Lemon Law Legal Rights

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Complaint Data

CategoryStructure:body, Unknown Or Other, Visibility/wiper
DateFeb 17, 2023
On 2/16/23 I was driving on the highway when I heard a loud pop/bang like an explosion or loud crash on the top of my car. There were barely any cars around, no trucks spewing debris, I wasn't going under an overpass, and I didn't see anything fly up from the road. I had a passenger in the car who was looking out the windows at the road and didn't see anything either. I opened the covering for the moon roof to see if something was stuck to the roof and my moon roof had exploded for no reason. Shattered glass fell into my car. My safety and the safety of others was at risk because I was in shock by what happened and it startled me while I was driving. Also, my car is not drive-able until this is fixed and it is through no fault of my own (or anyone else's beyond the manufacturer). I took the car to a collision center to have the damage assessed for my insurance company. It is isolated to the moon roof, nothing else was damaged. It will be looked at by the dealership on monday 2/20/23. There were no warning lights or other symptoms of failure prior to the explosion. The moon roof wasn't cracked or chipped, not compromised in any way. The car is brand new, I bought it new in june 2022.
CategoryElectrical System, Forward Collision Avoidance: Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Avoidance: Warnings
DateSep 29, 2022
My car was parked safely on my driveway. I turn on the car and all the lights came on including power loss failure, collision mitigation, etc. I had to tow it to a dealer where they claimed it was rodent damage causing an electrical failure on monday, 9/19/22. The car was towed on 9/20/22. I was then told I was unable to claim any warranty. The dealer charged me 0. 00 for the repair. They claim the wire harness was chewed on which caused the system failure. I ended up having to pay out of pocket instead of using my 0 insurance to cover the damages. (insurance said it would likely raise my rates next if I continuously put a claim). I thought--one time incident, bad luck. The dealership refused to take photos of the chewed wires, but I was able to fight to receive some parts indicating the damage (who knows if it was actually mine or some they kept off of some other honda--see attached photo). Not even 24 hours after having my car repaired to normal, I turn on the car in the morning and the same issues came up. I towed it again! The dealership claimed the rodent chewed my car in the same spot, at the same area. Charged me an additional 4. 00 to solder it back citing that they never seen this happen before. I find it convenient that no other vehicles on this street had issues with rodent damage. And the same area was bitten twice. Why would honda create such an easily accessible route for rodents or a non-covered protected wire? As a consumer, I end up fronting the bill because neither the manufacturer nor the dealership, nor the insurance company (who would likely end up raising my rates) have to deal with a terrible design. Never had issues with other brands nor other older vehicles had this issue in the cul-de-sac. Dealership ended up having wrapping the harness, but this car is new & should have been protected and repaired by honda to begin with. Online search revealed honda used soy based insulation which attracts rodents. Very unsatisfied with honda.
CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking
DateSep 20, 2022
Twice, this car has engaged emergency brakes with cars behind me and no cars in front of me. Several other times, the "brake now" indicator has come on with no cars nearby.
CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking, Forward Collision Avoidance: Warnings
DateAug 29, 2022
Driving the vehicle between 60 and 65 mph on a straight 4 lane divided highway with no oncoming traffic and no obstacles in the road, the emergency braking system triggered the audible and visual warnings and engaged emergency braking in the middle of the highway. There were no vehicles in front of the vehicle, there were no road hazards and the roadway was straight. Other vehicles needed to take evasive action to avoid a collision during the unnecessary braking and while regaining speed after the system deactivated. The vehicle has been inspected and no fault codes were found. This is the second occurrence of the issue. The manufacturer was notified after the first instance and was inspected at a honda dealer. No action to repair or troubleshoot the issue has been taken by honda following the first reported issue.
CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking, Forward Collision Avoidance: Warnings
DateAug 08, 2022
I was driving 45 mph on a straight 4 lane undivided road with no cars in front of me or in the oncoming lanes. I was maintaining speed and the vehicle engaged the emergency braking system. The visual and audible alerts went off and with extreme braking force slowed the vehicle down to 10 mph with no obsticles in the roadway. There were no road hazards that would necessitate the system to engage. The trailing vehicles, at highway speed, had to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid rear ending me and I was unable to override the system to maintain speed. I've taken the vehicle to a honda dealer and they were unable to find any fault codes in the system.
CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking
DateJul 09, 2022
I was driving down the freeway, around 4pm there wasn't much traffic and the nearest vehicle in front of me was abour 100 meters ahead of me when my 2022 honda insight activated the automatic emergency brakes and slowed down for about a second before dis-activating them. Since the vehicle ahead of me was not close at all, there should have been no reason for the automatic brakes to activate. I was lucky there was little traffic at the time and no car was immediately behind me as that could have caused a great accident.
CategoryLatches/locks/linkages:hood:latch, Structure:body:hood
DateApr 14, 2022
The contact owns a 2022 honda insight. The contact stated while driving approximately 60-75 mph, the front end of the hood raised up. The contact continued to drive at a slower speed. The contact stated that the failure had been reoccurring while driving at high speeds. The vehicle was taken to the dealer who informed the contact that there was no service bulletin associated with the failure. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 7,000.
CategoryElectrical System, Engine, Fuel/propulsion System
DateApr 07, 2022
It had problems with this car in the first 500 miles on oct 31st 2021 while driving on long island expressway in nassau county, ny. I have proof. I took pictures of the dashboard while getting lots of error codes while driving and only had 500 miles on the car. I experience loss of power, loss of steering and brake failure while driving on the long island expressway. I was lucky to be near an exit and I let the car roll away through the exit and I was able to pull over to the side of the service road of lie. After an hour the car started. I didn't know then, but this car has had chewed up wires ever since I picked it up from the dealership in pennsylvania( honda vinart of emmaus, pa ). I observed exposed wires when I changed oil for the first time in december 2021. At that time, I thought it is a hybrid thing and didn't think much about it. I was driving with exposed wires this entire time! I could had had the brakes lock up or lose complete power while driving on the highway and cause a major accident. You can try to deflect he blame away from honda manufacturer, but we all know it is your fault. On march 4th 2022, the honda insight barely started , engine knocking and sputtering. I towed it to the staten island honda service (which estimated the damage at 00 , but the warranty doesn't cover ) and they told me that a rodent finished the job sunday night. The soy based harness on my 2022 honda insight attracts rodents. Why didn't the rodents attack my wife car that is parked right next to mine in the same driveway? I never had this type of problem with the other cars I owned in the past. I had owned dozens of cars and left them months parked in my driveway and they never attracted any rodents. This is a warranty issue and a safety issue . I could have been killed while driving with exposed wires. How do I even know, that other wires are also chewed? Can I trust this car to be reliable anymore? A ,000 car that can be my death trap.
CategoryElectrical System
DateDec 02, 2021
Throughout short ownership of the vehicle, a "charing system problem" warning light has occurred when starting, and during operation, of the vehicle. The warning light occurs intermittently during start-ups and whilst driving. The warning light possibly indicates an error with the charging system of the vehicle that may potentially result in loss/reduction of power of the vehicle. This may result in an increase of a vehicle collision. The vehicle is currently under inspection by honda of oakland, and the service department states they cannot properly reproduce/identify/diagnose the issue at this time. See attachment for photo of first occurrence. Additional occurrences are documented via video and may be provided upon request.

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