2022 BMW 3 Series Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Powertrain, brake, and tire-related issues are among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

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The 2022 BMW 3 Series is a luxury sedan that’s hailed as one of the top performers on the road. The automaker claims it is “an iconic sports sedan born to be driven.” However, current drivers are having trouble with the powertrain, brakes, and tires that explode, which makes driving a challenge.  

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Most Common Problems

There aren’t a huge volume of complaints lodged with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), but most of them are serious. Tires top the numbers, with owners reporting that their tires explode on the road. Other complaints focus on unintended acceleration, and brake failure as well as defective axles.

There are also two recalls that affect the 2022 3 Series.

NHTSA Campaign Number 23V584000 states that BMW of North America is recalling vehicles that have faulty audio module control unit software. The problem is that it doesn’t properly generate audible seat belt warnings to drivers to fasten their seat belts. If there isn’t an audible chime, they may not fasten their seat belts, which increases the risk of injury if the car crashes.

The second recall relates to a powertrain fault in the form of an internal transmission leak. NHTSA Campaign Number 22V070000 warns that certain 2022 BMW vehicles have a mechatronics unit inside the transmission that may not have been properly assembled. If this is the case, the transmission might leak, causing a vehicle rollaway that increases the risk of a crash or injury. Extraordinarily, it relates to only four vehicles, with BMW naming just four 2022 models: 330i, 530i, X3 xDrive30i, and X4 xDrive30i.

2022 BMW 3 Series Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Power Train
Unknown Or Other

Sudden Acceleration and Brake Failure

One particularly serious complaint describes how a 2022 BMW 330E malfunctioned hours after a software update. As the owner pulled into the alley leading to his office driveway and garage, the sedan suddenly accelerated without any warnings on the dashboard. “The brakes failed to work, and the vehicle rapidly accelerated in less than 2 seconds. In order to avoid endangering anyone, I steered the vehicle into City trash cans that were in front of a telephone pole.”

Not only was the sedan damaged, but the driver and passenger both sustained severe injuries, including a vertebral compression fracture and torn neck ligaments.

“My safety was jeopardized entirely. If the vehicle had not collided with the telephone pole, it would have entered a street full of cars, thereby endangering pedestrians and other drivers. As of now, the issue has not been reproduced or confirmed by the dealer, and no attorney is willing to pursue the case due to the exorbitant costs associated with litigating against a major auto manufacturer. The police were present at the crash site, and the insurance company is currently examining the vehicle.”

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Tire Problems

There are several manufacturer communications that draw dealerships to problems with the tires needing attention. While they mention the need to service the tires “due to wear,” they don’t warn that owners are reporting gashes in the sidewall of tires. And they don’t talk about tires losing air pressure and exploding.

The first tire-related complaint states that when approaching the parked BMW, the owner noticed “a 2.5-inch gash in the sidewall of the tire.” The tire pressure had remained at the recommended level. Prior to failure, the owner had been driving 35 mph on local roads in optimal driving conditions. These are described as “clear weather and no road hazards.” The tire was replaced under warranty but the owner incurred labor expenses.

In March 2023, another owner was driving at 75 mph when a tire “exploded.” The “tire air pressure immediately dropped to zero, resulting in some lack of steering control.” When the tire failed, there was a warning message on the dash. The owner drove to a gas station and the complaint states that a “4-inch slash was visible in the sidewall of the tire.” The tire was replaced by the dealership at the owner’s expense.

A similar experience occurred in April 2023 according to another complaint. The “road conditions were optimal with clear sunny weather and no road hazards.” But, while driving at 75 mph on a highway, a tire exploded, with the same loss of air pressure and loss of steering. Again, the tire was replaced at the owner’s expense. This time the dealer found “a 6-inch slash on the inside tire sidewall.”

Problems with the Powertrain

A smooth ride is something that’s expected with the new BMW model, but when the axles fail, it’s less than smooth.

An owner from Massachusetts tells how, with 1,645 miles on his 2022 BMW, the rear left axle broke. He was unable to move the car.. “Had this occurred on a highway I easily could have been rear-ended. Part must have been defective.” The dealer replaced the part, but only the left rear CV joint and not the right. Additionally, the dealer didn’t confirm whether both rear axles were from the same batch. “The failure was catastrophic and sudden with no warnings.”

What To Do If Your 2022 3 Series is a Lemon

The fact that you have problems with your 2022 BMW 3 Series doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a lemon. But it might be. The best way to find out is to get a lemon law firm like Lemberg Law to assess your problems. After all every year, auto manufacturers buy back, replace or pay cash settlements to thousands of ‘lemon’ owners.

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