2020 Ford Fusion Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical system and steering issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Cars might not make as much news today, but there’s still a market for the 2020 Ford Fusion. While the automaker claims it is “a big part of the big picture,” customers find it to be a big disappointment instead. This car suffers from defective steering, malfunctioning air bags and a shoddy electrical system.


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Steering Problems

Any new car should be equipped with enough technology that steering should become second nature. Customers shouldn’t have to wrestle with their vehicles on the road.

Yet, that’s what is seen in this Edmunds review. “The tail is not very stable in raining days, it slides easy.”

While Ford has nothing to say about the steering complaints, there are some other “sliding” concerns. According to Service Bulletin #TSB 20-2171, some models might experience seat pan looseness, causing lateral movement and a clunking noise while turning. To fix it, the technicians must install reinforcement in the seat pan tracks. With this issue combined with the trouble driving in the rain, the Fusion seems to be a glorified Slip ‘n Slide.

2020 Ford Fusion Complaint Summary

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Electrical System
Power Train
Unknown Or Other
Service Brakes
Forward Collision Avoidance: Warnings
Air Bags
Forward Collision Avoidance: Adaptive Cruise Control

Problems with the Air Bags

It doesn’t matter what type of newer car is driven; occupants expect to be protected by the air bags. However, the Fusion doesn’t seem to offer any type of guarantee regarding safety.

Here is an NHTSA complaint to read. “I got into an accident on the highway, deer ran in front of me. Hit deer, car lost control and went into a ditch, hitting a tree. My air bag didn’t deploy and my seatbelt didn’t lock up. After I got an alert on my phone saying it was faulty. Suffering with neck and back injuries.”

This is one situation that Ford doesn’t really want to talk about. There are no communications regarding air bag defects. Instead, the Blue Oval would have customers believe that everything is just fine. Maybe if the Fusion’s tagline said “big” just one more time, it would throw things over the edge.

Electrical System Problems

A deeper look into the electrical system shows even further troubles, ranging from minor to major.

One NHTSA complaint says, “The contact owns a 2020 Ford Fusion. The contact stated that the backup camera remained on while driving at an unknown speed. The vehicle was taken to the [dealer], where the sensor was replaced. The contact stated that while driving home, the vehicle hit a pothole. The front passenger tire went flat. There was not a spare tire. The contact’s husband purchased a new tire, jacked the vehicle up to replace the tire. While on the jack, the vehicle went into Reverse, rolled back and fell off the jack. The vehicle was taken to the same dealer who stated that the vehicle was not equipped with a spare tire. The manufacturer was made aware of the failures and referred the contact to the dealer. The contact was told to take the vehicle to a body shop and replace a mud guard that detached. The part was not replaced. The failure mileage was 4,051.”

This telling of events is reminiscent of how one bad situation often leads to several other consequences. What started as a simple backup camera malfunction turned into quite the fiasco. What’s interesting is how Ford has chosen to talk about electrical system problems. For example, Service Bulletin #SSM 48908 states that the SYNC 3 touchscreen has trouble with the volume control at times. However, the automaker claims it is related to the software on the phone and has nothing to do with the car’s system. So much for taking responsibility in a “big” way.

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  • Terry j

    I bought a 2020 Ford fusion se in June of 2020 from dy. I complained that when it is cold its ok. But when it’s warmed up and you reach around 35 miles per and take your foot off the gas pedal and without touching the brake pedal the car starts slowing way down as if it was braking itself. I took it to Ford and the tech rode with and felt and I think the transmission is sticking in a higher hear and then when slow enough it’s pops out I called them and they said they doing a relearn on the transmission I have 36000 miles on it and the problem is still occurring and getting worse. Now when drive down the freeway and it’s at like 65 or 70 and cruise for a few and when you hit the gas to downshift to pass someone or just to speed up, it the makes a loud Clank sound that through the whole car. Doesn’t do it all the time. I took to Ford and tech said it’s a rubber transmission mount or something took fifteen minutes to fix, but the clank is still there. My next appointment is on the 19th and we’ll see what they say. What kind of bull or they gonna sell this time.

  • Luis M

    I purchased my 2017 ford fusion last year and I’ve had some problems with it right now I’m having issues with the Camshaft Timing Position and I’m having problems looking for that sensor and I’ve been trying to search it on google and it wont show nothing of the 2017 ford fusion camshaft locator and I’ve been trying to trade it in.

  • Ivan

    Hello I have bought my 2020 Ford Fusion with 24,000 miles and everything was good. The only problem was when I would turn the steering wheel all the way. The steering wheel would lock on me and it would say that it was a traction control problem and now at 42,000 it have gotten worst. It’s getting harder to drive the car and to make an appointment with Ford it took me years

  • Michelle.

    Purchased my fusion in 2020. June to be exact. The padding under the back windshield was wearing off when I first purchased it. I have experienced problems with my electrical system, breaking system, sensors, tires, and backup camera. I keep taking car to dealership. My dealership experience was so bad I got my car back dirty. They promised me a full detail. Nothing happened. I have less than 40,000 miles only dealership maintenance.

  • Robbie L

    I bought a 2020 Ford Fusion a few months ago and it started now having problems. The engine light comes on stating there is an emissions problem. Ford dealer I bought the car from replaced the part. A week later the engine light comes back on. The dealer says different code comes up. They order another part and replace it again. A couple days later my engine light comes back on again Now suddenly they need to take the car apart to fully diagnose what the problem is. They have no loaners to give me. I work 2 jobs and can’t be without my car. The mechanic believes the car has an electrical problem but yet needs a full day just to diagnose the problem. Not saying they can fix it same day either. I’m at a loss. I’m paying 369 a month financing this car and paying for the extra warranty and they can’t even fix it.

  • Patricia

    I bought my 2020 fusion with 8 miles on it. It now has 26,000 I have had to replace a module behind the touch screen cause the radio and gps wouldn’t work that was in the first 2 weeks of owning it then right after that the battery went out had to have it towed, now it is back in the shop cause the air won’t work properly told me the temp outside was -40 and wouldn’t come on it was 98 degrees when air came back on it won’t shut off full blow at 66 degrees. I’ve had a couple issues with my camera and also makes a random clunk noise in the front. It makes a weird scrap type noise when I took it in they tried to say I must of ran over a piece of plastic, it still does it. I’ve had issues with my dome lights not shutting off and supposed to be able to start it from my phone which it won’t do half the time

  • Misty M

    Bought my 2020 Ford Fusion SE with the appearance package brand new in July 2020. Since buying it I have replaced tires 2 times. Car barely has 45k miles. Came with Michelin tires. Tires wear uneven due to alignment won’t stay aligned correctly. Vehicle is horrible on rainy days to the point of I’m scared to drive it when it rains. The auto braking feature almost caused 2 major accidents by braking on icy roads in the winter time and caused car to go sideways and almost sending us off a bridge one time. If I could sale it for what I owe at this point I would be why put someone else in a dangerous car. Ford needs to recall and fix these issues.

  • Jessica

    I have a possessed 2020 Ford Fusion that I bought with 3 miles on it. My radio comes on when it wants to, lane assist tries to pull me OFF THE ROAD, and more! I have video of my backup camera on and other things. I have reached out to Ford a few times with no avail. How can someone not stand behind their product?? I need help!

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