2019 INFINITI Q50 Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical system, steering and powertrain issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Owners of high-end sedans want top-notch style and quality. That’s why many of them choose the 2019 Infiniti Q50. The automaker claims that the newest lineup provides “luxury that thrills.” However, customers have been complaining about thrills that they don’t want. These include trouble with the electrical system, faulty steering and a defective powertrain.

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NHTSA Complaints for the 2019 INFINITI Q50

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Electrical System
Unknown Or Other
Power Train
Service Brakes
Vehicle Speed Control
Exterior Lighting

Problems with the Electrical System

It isn’t just luxury cars that integrate sophisticated electrical systems these days. However, the luxury car owners expect more when compared to a budget model. Yet, they aren’t getting it with this Infiniti.

Here’s one NHTSA review to consider. “Driving on interstate at 70 mph with active cruise engaged. The instrumentation all went black, cruise control released but engine continued running and I used manual acceleration in order to maintain speed in the flow of traffic. After approximately 30 seconds, the system re-booted. Instrumentation came back on and I reset active cruise control and all appeared ok. After a few days, we were returning home and as described earlier, the same event occurred on the interstate. I took the car to the dealer, described the incident, they reported they had seen that before, checked the computer and saw no codes and said it must have been a system reboot.”

While that must have been a scary situation, there are even more serious concerns. NHTSA Campaign Number 19V654000 states that over a million vehicles can suffer from a back-up camera image that doesn’t display correctly. Whether the car is cruising on the interstate or attempting to back out of the driveway, it’s clear that the computer glitches put people’s lives in jeopardy. Talk about thrilling!

Problems with the Steering

Thankfully, the above complaint didn’t involve trouble steering as well or that could have been a disaster. Still, steering issues are being reported.

Just look at this Edmunds review. “I took my car in the first month because of it drifting to the right constantly and was told its roadcrown but nothing ever inspected. Roadcrown is in the right lanes not every lane. The 4th month the run flat on front right blew out on the sidewall but was no potholes around and roadside assistance never came to tow my car. I had to buy 4 new tires. The 14th month new tire on front right has sidewall damage again with a crack on the inner lip of the rim. Rim was replaced but nothing else inspected. Potholes will throw a car way out of alignment. I went to pay for alignment and only spec out was the left front toe. Now in spec car drifts to the right even more. So if you want a self driving car lol that will go from the left lane to the far right lane in 2 to 3 seconds all by its self I guess its for you. If you want a car that will be a constant money pit, unsafe and warranty not covering this car is for you.”

Aside from the steering concerns, Infiniti has also addressed trouble with the tires and wheels. Service Bulletin #ITB20-003 states that the TPMS sensor could be leaking air in some vehicles. In the affected vehicles, it could be occurring continuously, causing a loss of air pressure that becomes dangerous. To repair the problem, technicians must replace both the valve stem washer and valve nut. So far, it’s clear that the advanced systems meant to keep everyone safe are simply just backfiring and causing more trouble after all.

Problems with the Transmission

From the mechanical standpoint, the powertrain and transmission must be working correctly to provide a smooth ride. Yet, this is another source of complaint from owners.

One Edmunds review states, “Infiniti reprogrammed the transmission to shift into higher gears at slower speeds. The results are being in 5th gear at 30 MPH. I am sure this was in an attempt to maximize fuel economy but the result is lugging this great power plant to a pedestrian level. Tranny is also harsh on downshifts from 5th to 4th and 4th to 3rd.”

It turns out that Infiniti had so many problems with the transmission that a stop sale was issued on some vehicles. For that to occur, the automaker had to be concerned about something major related to the transmission torque converter, further proving how much of a disappointment this luxury car actually was. At this point, customers looking for a thrill might do better off sky-diving or bungee jumping instead.

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Complaint Data

CategoryElectrical System, Lane Departure: Assist, Lane Departure: Warning
DateNov 15, 2022
Vehicle was purchased december 2021 upon purchasing the vehicle I noticed the horn was not functioning, vehicle was taken back to dealership, they corrected the issue, then months later horn isn't functioning at all. Nor is lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, parking collision warning, rear cross traffic warning functioning on car. The automatic rain sensor isn't working at all.
CategoryFuel/propulsion System, Power Train, Unknown Or Other
DateNov 15, 2022
While driving vehicle if you suddenly stop vehicle would stop, however when applying pressure to gas pedal vehicle would not move, if foot is left on pedal car would jerk and then proceed forward. Unlike other vehicle after breaking hard vehicle would move without hesitation.
CategorySteering, Suspension
DateOct 20, 2022
This car has been drifting to the right since bought causing premature tire wear which has now been 5 sets of tires in 36k miles. The front right tire always seems to blow out. Alignment has always been knocked out in within weeks. Several independent shops point to defective bushings while infiniti doesn't see the issue. This same issue was recalled for the 2016 models. I've replaced the knuckle and lower control arm and now stays aligned but seems to causing premature tire wear and blowing the right front tire. I cant get more than 10k miles out of a set of tires and constant fighting with the car drifting to the right. I have several more documents. The consumer stated the reason for the drifting, the tire tears, and alignment knocking was due to a defective rack and pinion. The consumer stated that the dealerships are refusing to replace the defective part on the vehicle under the warranty that is now expired. Paying for alignments and tire replacements is a waste of money considering the root of the issue has not been fixed yet. The consumer stated that due to the multiple issues, they will not be able to do a private sell of the vehicle. The only option would be to sell it to the dealer.
DateMay 23, 2022
Passenger front seat shakes/vibrates even at lower speeds and it makes lots of noise. Tires were checked and has nothing to do with tires. I actually googled issue on my model and there are tons of posts with this exact issue. I have an appointment for dealership to look at issue in the next couple of weeks. My concern is that other consumers who have had issue that I've read about online had not had the problem rendered. It was not considered part of warranty. I'm my opinion, it should because it's an obvious defect. I should not have to pay out of pocket to have this corrected if it's defective.
CategoryElectrical System, Unknown Or Other, Vehicle Speed Control
DateFeb 11, 2022
I have 3 issues with the car. The braking issue presented itself last in time but is most important relative to safety. Around mid january 2022, my car, while I was driving, and without any notice, began to decelerate/brake for no reason. My car is equipped with front driver assist but there were no cars, hazards, in front of me. It was a clear, dry day and the car was warm. It was momentary and fortunately no one was behind me. The car beeped, but there was no other warning. The second time this same event happened, however, the accelerator pushed back against my foot. Again, no one was in front of me and it was a clear, dry day. The third time this happened, the car beeped and what I know now is the cruise control indicator, appeared on the display. I did not touch the cruise control to activate. The other two issues were that both display screens were blacking out and rebooting while driving, for no apparent reason. The other issue is with the sirius xm satellite, which is not functioning properly. I have informed sirius xm of this issue as well. Given all of these issues, possibly all electrical, I contacted my local infiniti dealer to assess, with special concern for the random braking issue. The car was assessed and they could not duplicate any problems. They mentioned that perhaps if they had more time they may be able to duplicate the problems. The following monday, I took the car to the dealership and left it overnight for assessment. I was called the next day and advised that they could not duplicate the issues. The dealership returned the car without making any repairs, diagnoses, or being to able to duplicate problems. Since the car has been returned to me, it has continued to have problems. The braking issue has happened twice since, with one time involving the accelerator pushing back. The screen has blacked out and gone into parking mode, while I was driving. I have contacted infiniti corporate to advise of problems.
CategoryPower Train
DateDec 18, 2021
While vehicle is in “d” drive move the car would jerk likes its trying to shift/switch gears and jerk hard. It sounds like the issue would involve the transmission. Another occasion happened when I came to a complete stop, & then pressed on the gas, and the car jerks again then started to accelerate.
CategoryPower Train, Suspension, Unknown Or Other
DateNov 17, 2021
The car sometimes turning - changing lanes - just various times the rear end will slide around - or skid. Just does it various times - does not matter if the road is wet or not. Infiniti service did not find an issue - but there is definitely an issue. No certain time so hard to pinpoint what is causing it.
CategoryUnknown Or Other
DateFeb 17, 2021
My 2019 infiniti q50 sunroof exploded outward while I was driving on a highway on a straightaway, there were no objects that impacted the sunroof. There are other reports on the web of identical issues.
CategoryUnknown Or Other, Visibility/wiper
DateJan 17, 2021
2019 infiniti q50 sunroof shattered while driving about 65mph down the highway. There were no visible rocks/debris on roadway or seen coming towards vehicle. Sounded like a shot or explosion and most of the glass seemed to shatter outwards
CategoryFuel System, Gasoline:delivery:hoses, Lines/piping, And Fittings, Service Brakes, Suspension
DateSep 08, 2020
Tl* the contact owns a 2019 infiniti q50. The contact stated while driving at high speeds, the rear end became very unstable. The abs would not operate properly. While depressing the brake pedal, there was no pulsation to the brake pedal. Additionally, the collision avoidance system randomly activated causing the vehicle to stop abruptly with no object or vehicle nearby. The contact also stated that the high-pressure fuel lines were leaking causing an odor of fuel to be present. The vehicle was taken to an unknown dealer who was unable to determine the cause of the failure. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The failure mileage was 49.*dt *tr
CategoryService Brakes, Steering, Suspension
DateApr 12, 2020
This car has always drifted to the right. Now it is drifting to the right and left. Constantly having to correct steering to keep straight. Car pulls hard to the left when braking. Going over bumps or at high speeds the car feels very loose and getting harder to keep in control. The car also shifts at 2 rpms and feels like its jerking. Has been taken in for alignment 4 times and the dealerships refuse to inspect or fix car. The toe specs are constantly being thrown out of spec in less than 4 weeks when hitting bumps the steering wheel shifts and stays shifted. It is harder to turn left than it is to turn right.*dt consumer stated she now has a bent strut and manufacturer told the dealership to release the car until consumer settled the claim with her lawyer.*jb*dt*dt*jb consumer stated there are multiple manufacturer defect.*jb*dt *dl
CategoryElectrical System, Exterior Lighting, Structure:body
DateDec 07, 2019
Rm collision forged my signature to cash out 20'000$ and did not fix my car. My car was stolen june 15, 2019
CategoryElectrical System
DateNov 13, 2019
Driving on interstate at 70 mph with active cruise engaged. The instrumentation all went black, cruise control released but engine continued running and I used manual acceleration in order to maintain speed in the flow of traffic. After approximately 30 seconds the system re booted. Instrumentation came back on and I reset active cruise control and all appeared ok. After a few days we were returning home and as described earlier the same event occurred on the interstate. I took the car to the dealer, described the incident, thy reported they had seen that before, checked the computer and saw no codes and said it must have been a system reboot.
CategoryEngine, Power Train, Vehicle Speed Control
DateOct 16, 2019
Unintended acceleration. Pulling into a parking space in a shopping center parking lot, after going over a speed bump and making a left hand turn into the spot the car accelerated and would not stop. Pushing on the brakes did not work. Car has a system to prevent crashing in to an object in front of the car but that did not work. The car struck a pole in the parking lot doing significant damage to the right front of the car.
CategoryElectrical System, Unknown Or Other
DateAug 02, 2019
I originally owned this q50 2018 vin [xxx] and infiniti replaced it with the one I had listed. The fact is I own neither of them any longer but feeli should report it because it is a safety issue which infiniti refused to deal with. The blind spot light did not work on either car . Between 10 am and 8 pm you could not see the light and audible signal you could barely hear. I am reporting this problem in the hopes of saving lives. It was a safety issue it cost me $$ the second replacement but never felt comfortable in the car . Yet infiniti could care less though the dealer was very helpful information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. 552(b)(6). *tt *tr
CategoryForward Collision Avoidance: Automatic Emergency Braking
DateJun 11, 2019
Tl* the contact owns a 2019 infiniti q50. While operating the vehicle, the predictive forward emergency braking feature malfunctioned and the vehicle would not stop or slow down when a second vehicle stopped ahead. The vehicle was taken to competition infiniti (587 middle country rd, st. James, ny) to be diagnosed, but the cause of the failure could not be determined. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The failure mileage was 300.
CategoryElectrical System, Steering
DateFeb 06, 2019
Car started no dash lights, no navigation lighting, and no power steering. I was able drive car but extremely difficult to turn steering wheel. New car approx. 580 miles had car towed to pepe infinity from my driveway 1/31/2019 car returned 2/5/2019 only problem detected was battery low. I am 71 taking care of 3 grand children afraid of reoccurring power steering malfunction.

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    Im not sure how this manufacturer is mot being held responsible for their defects when it seems several consumers have complained and reported the issues

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