2018 Nissan Titan XD Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical, fuel system, engine and powertrain issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

When it comes to towing and hauling, the 2018 Nissan Titan XD is a top choice for many enthusiasts. This pickup claims to have “the right tool for every job,” but an in-depth investigation reveals it brings more trouble than it’s worth. From a faulty engine to a defective powertrain and a broken fuel system to malfunctioning electronics, every part of this truck is in need of repair.

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Problems with the Engine

To outperform other trucks on the market, the Nissan Titan XD must contain a reliable and potent engine, but that’s not the case. After looking at the reviews, it’s easy to see numerous engine issues with this model.

One NHTSA review states, “When flooring the accelerator pedal (as to pull out on entrance ramp) it has diesel lag response (just take a few seconds to accelerate) and also transmission has shifting issues during this time. Sometimes intermittent. I had a near miss experience when this happened to me. I was pulling out onto the highway from the entrance ramp.”

Nissan is discussing other engine troubles. With Service Bulletin #NTB19-057, the automaker talks about engine knocking and ticking. For something designed to handle heavy-duty work, it is improbable to believe that the engine lineups provided by Nissan are going to hold up. Instead of providing every tool needed, it is the owners that require tools to fix their broken-down trucks.

Problems with the Transmission – Shifting

Working in conjunction with the engine is the transmission. This part is required to provide smooth-shifting ability, no matter how heavy the load is. Yet, we see additional problems with this truck’s transmission and powertrain.

Take a look at this NHTSA review. “Truck has bad hesitation when automatic transmission is shifting from gear to gear and the RPMs fluctuate badly. No low end power. This condition is worse when towing. Dealer said they all do this. I have owned 4 Titans including my 2018 none of my other trucks did this. Wish I didn’t trade in my 2013.”

Nissan doesn’t have any communication that brings to light the powertrain situation. Instead, the company has left owners to fend for themselves. This has not only left die-hard enthusiasts desiring a different brand but continues to prove that Nissan isn’t ready to provide the tools that truck owners need.

Problems with the Fuel System

What powers the engine and makes the truck run? It’s the fuel system that’s responsible for providing the gasoline or diesel fuel that is burned for performance. With the Nissan Titan XD, this is just one more vital system that won’t work properly.

Another NHTSA user had this to say, “While the truck is fueling and stationary, the filler neck emits a high-pitched whine noise. The noise varies in pitch with relation to how full the tank becomes. The mentioned complaint has occurred since the first fill up when I purchased it brand new off the lot. Additionally, I’ve made attempts of informing two separate dealers of what was happening and provided video of the complaint. One asked for a copy of video and the other said the engineers are aware and will respond shortly. That was several months prior to this complaint and still haven’t heard anything.”

In addition to the strange noises, many owners complain of the fuel spilling out on them while filling up. Service Bulletin #NTB19-049 addresses the whistling noise and tells technicians to replace the fuel tank with an upgraded model. Clearly, the manufacturer knows that this system is exceptionally defective and wasn’t built correctly. If the company claims to have all of the tools needed to complete a job, it should at the bare minimum, have a properly working fuel tank. As customers wait for their fuel tank replacement, they get to enjoy a strange sound every time they fill up. It’s a constant symphony reminding them how defective this truck truly is.

Problems with the Electrical System

Finally, it’s time to look at the electrical system. Again, this is one of the most essential parts of the truck. Without a properly running system of wires, there will be glitches and malfunctions that owners don’t want to deal with.

Here is yet another NHTSA complaint that was filed. “The contact owns a 2018 Nissan Titan. The contact stated that the vehicle would not start. Roadside Assistance attempted to jumpstart the vehicle, but was unsuccessful. The vehicle was towed to [dealer] where it was determined that all the electrical harnesses needed to be replaced due to rodent damage. The dealer kept the vehicle from June 2, 2019 until August 6, 2019. The contact also stated that there were multiple electrical failures with the vehicle. The contact received a recall notification for NHTSA Campaign Number 19V4955000 (Electrical System). The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The vehicle was repaired. The approximate failure mileage was 16,916.”

Looking at NHTSA Campaign Number 19V495000, it’s clear that nearly 100,000 vehicles have a defective alternator harness that could have been damaged during the engine installation. While that doesn’t explain the rodent issue listed above, it is something that no owner should have to deal with. Furthermore, why did it take two months to repair the problem? The automaker could have built the owner a new car in that time frame. Maybe Nissan didn’t have the tools to get the job done after all.

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  • Marcus B

    Just bought Nissan 2018 xd diesel truck has known issues. Owned 3 months now. Vehicle is down due to a bad senor in the tank and tank has to be ordered to fix. Parts on back order and no one knows when it will be fixed almost 2 weeks in shop now and I’m making large payments on this truck now seeing a made mistake. But I feel stuck.

  • Carlos

    2018 nissan titan 5.7 airbag censor Just pop up from night to morning and stays flashing all trata time..

  • Timothy R

    I brought a 2016 xd problems with turbo replaced twice Nissan said they were helping me get out of it in to another one found out they put 3500 hundred dollars on a Nissan credit card at my cost now I’m in a 2018 xd same problem i call Nissan customer affair nothing come out of that all so just replaced a ecm at $1500 a coooler at $1600 need help 704/4885001

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