2017 Ford F-250 Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Fuel, electrical system, suspension and steering issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

For people hoping to find a heavy-duty truck, it makes sense that they considered the 2017 Ford F-250. After all, Ford claims that the newest models are “Built for the Toughest Jobs.” What we found is something entirely different. First of all, it can’t perform tough jobs if the steering isn’t right. Furthermore, the unsteady suspension, defective fuel system and dangerous structure put drivers at risk on the road.

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The steering on a heavy-duty truck is critical, especially when hauling or towing. Sadly, many owners find that there’s nothing reliable about the steering system on the F-250.

Read what this user went through on Edmunds, “I bought this vehicle new. On the test drive it pulled horribly upon braking I should have walked away. But I didn’t. They fixed the braking issues by replacing the calipers, (that is what they told me?). I buy the vehicle and in a short time notice the truck’s steering always drifts to the right, to the point of going off the road if not corrected continuously. Five plus times to 2 different dealerships and the truck still pulls. We go to arbitration and the arbitrator declares it unsafe, but gives Ford another shot to repair, declares it unsafe again and issues a buy back. All the time Ford claims it is normal. All I want for $62.000 is a truck that drives straight. Ford does not do the buy backs, but contracts it to a completely incompetent company called Concentric. Long story short 8 months after the designated buy back completion I still have a defective truck, along with another Ford that I purchased as a replacement. It fortunately drives straight. I have contacted FMC numerous times and all they do is refer me to Concentric.  WARNING if you buy a Ford that turns into a LEMON don’t expect any help from FORD or the BBB, which is the arbitration agency. Almost 2 years after putting out $62,000 I still have a FORD piece of junk.”

What a nightmare this owner went through. Ford isn’t ignoring that there are steering concerns. Even in Service Bulletin #TSB 18-2268, they acknowledge “sustained steering wheel oscillation after driving over rough pavement or an expansion joint above 45 mph.” This problem stems from a defective steering linkage damper and requires replacement. In the meantime, owners receive plenty of exercise wrestling with the steering wheel.

Here are some actual complaints logged with the NHTSA about the 2017 Ford F-250 Steering Problems:

My 2017 Ford F-250 was having what I would describe as a “death wobble” when I drove over 65mph and hit any imperfection in the roadway (small pot hole, uneven surface at bridges, very small textured road) this happened around 5 times before I took it to the dealership. Once they looked it over, they said it was stabilizer bar, tension rod and bushings wore out, pick-up had 50k miles so… No warranty on repairs ($895.00 in repairs) . This is a major safety issue, once wobble started I had to slow down to 40-45 mph and pull to shoulder of hi way to stop severe shaking of steering wheel and front end bouncing. It felt like a blow out on the front tires.

Truck on 6 different occasions has done the death wobble at freeway speeds 60 to 75 mph —very dangerous –have to slam on brakes on freeway and go 20 mph to make it stop —had to dealer a few times already they don’t know how to fix —I see there are a lot of complaints about this –this truck cost $70,000 and should not have any problems —is there a lemon law? Or what do we do class action suit —please help me and other ford truck owners…

At certain speeds the front tires wobble you have to hang onto the steering wheel everyone calls it a death wobble but no one has a fix for it. I feel it could cause serious injury to me and my family

Death wobble in steering wheel. This going to kill somebody ! Extreme steering wheel wobble when going over a small bump bump at 60 mph or more. Totally loose control of steering function. Took to dealer and replaced some parts at 18,000 miles and now experienced it again at 22,000 miles. Many people with similar vehicles 2017 ford f250 have complained about this dangerous issue please do something with ford motor co. !


Along with the steering, users want a suspension system that’s adequately equipped to handle the rough roads. With a defective suspension combined with malfunctioning steering, all that’s left is a disaster waiting to happen.

That’s exactly what one user experienced in their review on the NHTSA website. “Death Wobble.Began with 5K miles on vehicle. When traveling at or more than 50mph, vehicle unexpectedly goes into a violent shaking and vibration tantrum. Can be difficult to regain control of the vehicle unless it is slowed down to 15-20mph. Extremely dangerous for driver and other cars in immediate vicinity.”

Would it surprise you to know that Ford has nothing to say on the matter? Out of almost 200 manufacturer communications regarding the 2017 Ford F-250, there’s only one piece about the suspension. Service Bulletin SSM 47979 states that vehicles operated in extreme dust, mud, tar or sand conditions may have increased 4×4 vacuum hub seal and wheel bearing wear. To remedy this, the automaker plans to sell a knuckle seal shield kit. The trouble is, who would trust this truck in such conditions, especially with the suspension situation. We imagine many people have run into things off-road while trying to hit the trail.

Here are some actual complaints logged with the NHTSA about the 2017 Ford F-250 Suspension Problems:

TL The contact owns a 2017 Ford F-250. While driving approximately 70 mph, the front end of the vehicle suddenly began to wobble violently and vibrate after driving over uneven pavement while transitioning from the road to an overpass. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired.

Driving at 50 mph down the interstate my vehicle started shaking uncontrollably, I was in fear for my life. I took it to the dealership and it’s a death wobble, they stated they repaired it and it only lasted about 1 month! Here I am in 7/2019 and the problem still exists, I cannot drive my $65k truck above 40 mph without this entire truck violently shaking. Very disappointed as my family is a ford family for 3 generations and fords will not fix the issue and imp stuck with a truck I can’t drive making $1,000/month payments on it. Cant trade it in due to the fact I can’t afford it.

2017 Ford F-250 wheels violently shaking when driving over bumpy or bridge expansion joint. Vehicle had 22000 miles when first started. Been to dealership four times with no fix. This problem is going to kill people if not resolved. Have been told, air pressure not correct, rotors, brakes, tires, alignment. All of these have been addressed with no resolution. Ford has a problem and are not taking responsibility. Spent 70k on fords super duty and afraid to drive or let any family member drive. If or when something tragic happens the lawsuit will not be pretty. Tell Ford to fix the issue! Dealer said they performed TDB 18-2268 and still no resolution. I’m curious if ford executives would be willing to put their family in this vehicle for a family outing? Invested too much money to purchase this vehicle and now too much time and additional money to fix with no solution.


When a truck’s electrical system starts to break down, it creates a fire hazard that no owner wants to deal with. That’s precisely the case with the 2017 Ford F-250.

Read this review left on the NHTSA website. “The block heater electrical is corroding apart. Ford sent out a notice 6 months ago and no fix for it. This can cause fire to the vehicle.”

That’s exactly what’s addressed in the recall labeled with NHTSA Campaign Number 18V894000. It turns out that contaminants and water might get into the block heater and cause damage to the cables. Left unfixed, it can create a fire. What’s scarier than that is just a few months later, Ford issued another recall related to this one. In NHTSA Campaign Number 19V278000, we read that during the first recall repair, it’s possible that the connector got damaged, leading to further complications. While we are sure many owners wish this truck would end up in flames, it’s likely they don’t hope for it this way.

Here are some actual complaints logged with the NHTSA about the 2017 Ford F-250 Electrical System Problems:

The block heater electrical is corroding apart ford sent out a notice 6 months ago and no fix for it this can cause fire to the vehicle

I am having the same issue as in case # PE18-011. My tailgate will open randomly on its own. The tailgate release will actuate over and over when the button is pushed once. Took it to a ford dealer and they confirmed that it is the same issue as TSB17-2196. Water gets into a wiring harness. This should be a safety recall as the tailgate opening while towing could cause a limit to steering ability as the tailgate can make contact with the front of the trailer. It can also cause damage to the tailgate itself if it lands on something.

The power lift gate opens by itself 3 times in 1 year while driving down the road. Tailgate is destroyed from hitting trailer jack.

Fuel system

Fuel is needed to keep the engine running. Owners expect when they pump fuel into the system that it will remain there until it’s used, but that’s not the case.

Just look at this review left on the NHTSA website. “Diesel fuel spraying out continuously while driving inside engine compartment causing wheels to slip.Strong odor inside cabin.”

It’s never a pleasant smell to realize that fuel is leaking. That’s what the recall labeled with NHTSA Campaign Number 16V778000 talks about. It states that a protective shield on the fuel conditioning module comes dislodged leading to a diesel leak. In the right conditions, this might cause a fire. It’s not much better with the gasoline engines. They faced recall labeled with NHTSA Campaign Number 16V945000. What’s frightening is that these fuel tanks might have a strap that comes loose, allowing the fuel tank to come in contact with the ground. On the bright side, Ford is all about equal opportunity – the diesel and gasoline trucks are equally terrible.

Here are some actual complaints logged with the NHTSA about the 2017 Ford F-250 Fuel system Problems:

Diesel fuel spraying out while driving – fuel filter housing crack detected. Had to park and then put in shop – dealership confirmed fuel filter housing was cracked.

While driving on interstate 20, eastbound, my low fuel pressure indicator light came on. I started losing power and we pulled off at the exit that was there. As soon as we stopped, the engine bay was on fire. It gave no indication of odd smells or problems.it seemed to burn the engine compartment completely, all the electrical systems, interior, possibly firewall, etc. It seems this is possibly a known problem.

Structure (doors not securely closing)

This heavy-duty truck should feature a body containing the highest quality of materials. Otherwise, how would one tow and haul like the big boys?

The structure of the F-250 leaves a lot to be desired. Just read this review on the NHTSA website. “Went to leave work when I got in my truck and started backing up my driver door came open. I stopped and tried to shut it and it would not latch. Tried for several minutes to get it to latch. Finally, got it to latch, or so I thought, started driving down the busy town road and when I hit a pot hole the door came open again. Leaving me to hold the door shut when I drive until I could pull over and get it to latch again. The truck has already had the recall fix and continues to happen when it’s cold out.”

There is a recall related to the problem, but Ford only addresses how the doors open during an impact. NHTSA Campaign Number 17V331000 blames the handle cover accessory from keeping the doors latched. The only people we assume that would want functionality like this are stunt drivers.

Here are some actual complaints logged with the NHTSA about the 2017 Ford F-250 Door Latch  Problems:

TL* The contact owns a 2017 Ford F-250. The contact stated that when the front passenger door was opened from inside the vehicle, it would not close properly. Springdale Ford stated that the actuator cable from the interior door was bent and prevented the door from shutting securely. The manufacturer was contacted, but their system was down. The contact was informed to call back in a few hours. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was 36,010.

Went to leave work when I got in my truck and started backing up my driver door came open. I stopped and try to shut it and it would not latch. Tried for several minutes to get it to latch. Finally got it to latch, or so I thought, started driving down the busy town road and when I hit a pot hole the door came open again. Leaving me to hold the door shut when I drive until I could pull over and get it to latch again. The truck has already had the recall fix and continues to happen when it’s cold out.

Doors do not securely close when exposed to freezing temperatures, particularly after exposure to sleet, snow or wind. This is a four door vehicle and most times all doors are affected. When this occurs doors do not secure and latching does not occur. Of course, door ajar audible and visual alerts occur. Basically you must drive holding the door. As you can imagine a safety issue exists.

On more than 20 separate occasions the tailgate has randomly opened on its own while truck was in motion on highway. In one instance this allowed the load i was carrying at 55 mph to fall out the back of the truck and onto the highway nearly causing an accident.

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  • Stephanie I

    I purchased a used f250 diesel truck and it broke down on the second day i purchased it. I was told nothing they could do. This dealer did all kinds of quick fixes that are unsafe and I still am having problems with the vehicle.

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