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Windsor is a midsize town in Connecticut’s Hartford County.  Though few know it, Windsor was the first-ever English settlement in the state of Connecticut.  Windsor is positioned along the northern edge of the state capital, providing easy access to government offices and commerce.  All in all, around 30,000 people live in Windsor’s 29,000 square miles of space.

Windsor has its fair share of traffic and other potential dangers.  If you are hurt as a result of another person or party’s carelessness, there is a case to be made that the party was negligent.  Negligence has the potential to lead to a court award or settlement.  You need an experienced personal injury attorney in Windsor on your side to emerge as the victor in your case.

How Can a Windsor Lawyer Help With a Personal Injury Claim?

If you are injured as a result of another party’s carelessness, commonly referred to by attorneys as negligence, it is in your financial interest to request a case review.  Our Windsor, CT personal injury attorney will closely review the nuances of your unique case and determine if you have the footing necessary for a lawsuit.  We will then shape a legal strategy in accordance with the facts of the case and fiercely advocate in and out of a court of law for justice to be served.

A personal injury lawyer in Windsor will help in the following ways:

  • Considering evidence
  • Presenting evidence
  • Developing a legal strategy
  • Presenting a legal argument in court
  • Reviewing settlement offers
  • Countering settlement offers
  • Representing you in a court of law

Get the ball rolling on your case today by scheduling a consultation at our Windsor, CT personal injury law firm.  We will study your case, develop the optimal legal strategy and push for a fair result that takes the form of a settlement or court award.

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Why Windsor, CT Personal Injuries Occur

As most assume, car accidents are the leading cause of accidents in Windsor and other cities in Connecticut and beyond.  Additional common causes of Windsor personal injuries include the failure to maintain the safety of property, medical malpractice, dog bites, work threats to personal safety and defective products.

Windsor, CT Personal Injury FAQ

Most people victimized by others have common questions and concerns in the aftermath of the injustice.  Below, we provide a brief look at some of the top personal injury questions along with their respective answers.

Is the information I share with a personal injury attorney confidential?

Indeed, the information you share with our personal injury attorneys in Windsor is completely confidential.

What evidence is necessary to win?

There is no “smoking gun” in most personal injury cases, meaning a combination of evidence and possibly even witness testimony will shape the outcome of the case.  Examples of evidence that help parties emerge victorious in personal injury lawsuits include police reports, medical reports, photos, video surveillance footage, receipts for medical care and receipts for automobile or other property repairs.

What does the word “release” mean in the context of personal injuries?

A release is signed after settling a personal injury claim.  Contract law covers the release, meaning the claim against the defendant is let go.

Can I sue a party aside from a person?

Yes.  You can sue several people, a business, a government agency or other parties.  You can even sue governments on the county and city level.

What sort of questions will be posed at the deposition?

The attorney for the defense will pose questions about your medical history, your medical records, employment, the accident, how the injury was sustained, the severity of the pain, the impact of the injury on your ability to work and more.

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