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South Windsor certainly isn’t the most populated city in New England yet it is one of the most enjoyable from the perspective of a resident as well as a visitor.  The town has around 26,000 people and stretches nearly 29 square miles.  Positioned in Hartford County, snowy South Windsor was founded way back in 1845.  The town has its fair share of attractions though we would be remiss not to mention it is within a short drive of Hartford and all its amenities.

It merely takes one act of negligence to change your life for the worse, whether you are in South Windsor or elsewhere.  If another person or institution’s carelessness caused a personal injury or other loss, you need an experienced South Windsor personal injury attorney in your corner.

If you feel as though another party’s carelessness in any way caused or contributed to your injury or the loss of a loved one, you deserve a consultation with an experienced South Windsor personal injury lawyer.  Our personal injury lawyer will closely analyze the details of your unique case, craft a legal strategy and advocate for a just outcome.  The process begins with a consultation with our South Windsor personal injury lawyer.

What Will a South Windsor Attorney do to Help?

There is no shame in asking for help in the aftermath of an injury.  Even if you were partially at fault, you need and deserve medical treatment along with a potential court award or settlement.  Our attorneys are here to handle the legal challenges presented by an accident while you do your part to improve your health and well-being.

Our personal injury attorney in South Windsor will help with:

  • Collecting evidence
  • Filing your claim
  • Representing you at court hearings
  • Interacting with the representative from the insurance company
  • Developing a winning legal argument
  • Advocating on your behalf

Have you suffered an injury, illness or death in the family as a result of another party’s negligence?  If so, our attorneys are here to help.  Let us handle the legal side of this unfortunate incident while you attempt to return to work and you’ll rest easy knowing you have an experienced South Windsor personal injury attorney on your side.

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What Causes Personal Injuries in South Windsor?

Personal injuries are often caused by wayward automobiles.  However, negligent drivers are only one of many reasons why people suffer injuries and pass away.  Defective products, medical malpractice, unsafe workplace conditions and other situations can easily lead to injury or death.  Even something as seemingly small as a neighbor’s pet biting your hand, making it difficult or even impossible to work.  You need an experienced South Windsor, CT personal injury lawyer on your side to emerge with a fair result.

Personal Injury FAQs

Most personal injury victims in South Windsor and nearby areas have similar themes in their questions and concerns after the accident.  Our personal injury lawyers are here to help with the answers to your questions.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the most commonly asked questions in the context of personal injuries.

What if someone accuses me of being responsible for the accident?

Even if you are partially at fault for the accident, there is a chance you will receive financial compensation.  The percentage of fault along with the merit of your attorney ultimately determine whether your case culminates in a court award or settlement.

Is evidence necessary to win?

Yes.  If you do not have evidence of another party’s negligence, you will likely lose your case.

What constitutes evidence in a personal injury case?

Video surveillance footage of the area of the accident, witness testimony, pictures, smartphone video, medical reports and even the official police report can all be used as evidence to prove another party’s negligence.

What makes your law firm unique?

We take pride in our reputation and experience.  Our personal injury attorneys have successfully litigated and negotiated on behalf of South Windsor, CT individuals victimized by negligent parties.  Check out our reviews on the web and you will find high ratings across the board and detailed writeups that heap on the praise for our legal services.

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You can schedule a no-cost consultation at our South Windsor, CT law office without taking even the slightest risk.  We work on a contingency fee, meaning we do not make money unless your case results in a court award or settlement.  Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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Lemberg Law has a reputation backed by 13 years of service and $50 million in recovery for 25,000 clients nationwide. We know personal injury law. You have rights, and you deserve the best representation available. All you need to do is send us your information for a free case evaluation, or call our Helpline today. We’re knowledgeable; we’re friendly; and we’re here to help. There is no charge unless we win.

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