Child Involved in a School Bus Accident? Injury? How our Lawyers at Lemberg Law can help

How safe are school buses?

School buses are known for being one of the safest modes of transportation—which is both unsurprising and fortunate given their cargo. Recent studies suggest that a student is, on average, seventy times less likely to be involved in an accident while riding the bus to school than traveling by car. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration even states that “the school bus is the safest vehicle on the road”. School buses are specifically designed so that if impact should occur, your child is safe. The force is intentionally distributed in such a way that little is exerted onto your little one. The seats are cushioned to absorb energy and placed so that any force is contained with a small area, allowing the least damage to occur.

However safe they may be, accidents involving school buses still happen.On a year to year basis, approximately only ten children are killed in the U.S. in a school bus related incident. In fact, from 2006 to 2015—a span of nine years—only 1,172 of the 324,710 fatal motor vehicle accidents involved school transportation in some form. That is less than 0.5% of all automobile accident fatalities. Death or injury is rare, but still possible. Unfortunate events such as these are inevitable no matter the odds. When such an occurrence transpires, and you or a child are injured, it is important to know what steps to follow next.

What are the most common causes of injury provoking school bus accidents?

When action against a larger entity, such as a school or private contractor, is decided upon, a stringent procedure must take place to guarantee fairness and success for the victim. Knowing the cause of the incident allows our offices to determine the best actions moving forward. Negligence is usually the largest factor in any matter involving school bus accidents, but this negligence can present itself in more than one manner. Even if the school bus is not involved in a collision, or the victim’s injury was not directly caused by the bus’s movement,the possibility that the victim—or parent—should seek legal assistance is not negated. Here are the most common accidents related to school buses:

  • General Automotive Accident: collision with another vehicle or object
  • Unsupervised Violence: an incident allowed to happen when authority is not imposed
  • Slip-and-Fall Injuries: any accident caused by spills on or other obstructions of any of the bus’s surfaces
  • Forceful Retention on Bus: when a student is kept after for an extended period

Any of these examples are grounds for initiating legal action against the responsible party. In addition to knowing the cause of an accident, knowledge of liable entity or persons becomes necessary upon proof that negligence is a factor. Due to the varying natures of accidents, liability may be placed on one or several of the following: manufacturer of school bus, manufacturer of parts, third party contractors responsible for maintenance of or repairs to school bus, private contractors providing school transportation, organization that owns or operates school bus, driver of school bus, government organization in charge of roadway maintenance.

For example, if the bus’s brakes are under warranty but do not engage upon the driver applying pressure to the pedal, and the school bus then rear-ends another vehicle, the fault lies with the manufacturer of the bus’s brake as well as whichever party is responsible for maintenance of the bus, ensuring that it is in fact in an operable state.Failure to keep property in working order is a blatant act of negligence and puts your child and other children at risk.

How our team of experienced personal injury lawyers can help if your child has been involved in a school bus accident

Legal action is recommended if injuries are sustained or duress is experienced during the events of a school bus accident. As with any type of accident, the liable party will often attempt to decrease their repercussions as much as possible, resulting in further loss or anguish at your expense. Here at Lemberg Law, we encourage you to seek guidance with an organization that has only your best interest in mind. Our team of attorneys are  knowledgeable and understand that all victims of school bus related incidents experience hardships of varying magnitudes. Let us be there to help.

What type of compensation can I claim if my child was injured in a school bus accident?

While we hope no child is ever harmed in any scenario involving a school bus accident, these things to do happen and it is our wish that your hardships are not hindered by the complexities and stresses of legal procedures. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident of this nature, we urge you to call our offices at 475-277-2200.You may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Disability pay
  • Lost income
  • Special equipment
  • Pain
  • Anguish
  • Decreased quality of life

Bills can pile up, debt can accrue, and the pain serves as a constant reminder of your trauma, all while you may be unable to work or move. Why should the weight of monetary responsibilities fall on your shoulder, especially in a time such as this? You have surely suffered enough. Let our team of knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys ensure peace of mind during your time of adversity. With Lemberg Law, your well being is our priority.

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