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Lawyers specialize, and when you suffer a personal injury, you need a lawyer who knows all the legal implications. You could walk away (presuming that your injuries are relatively minor) or you could stick your heels in and insist you get compensation for the damages you have suffered.

If you’ve only suffered a few cuts and bruises and minor humiliation, you might decide to walk away. But personal injury can be considerably more serious and if your experience is bad, you’re going to need an experienced attorney.

Lemberg Law is a well-established firm of attorneys that operates in New Haven, CT. We specialize in personal injury cases and represent people like you rather than insurance companies that may be trying to get out of this type of claim.

But why would you need help from Lemberg Law?

Why You Need an Attorney for Your New Haven, CT Claim

People get hurt daily all over the world. No city is 100% safe, and personal injury is a reality we all have to recognize.

Often personal injury is due to an accident of some kind. But while accidents supposedly happen by chance, more often than not an accident is caused by some kind of failure or by reckless or negligent behavior.

For instance, according to statistics, more than 2 million people in the U.S. are injured in auto accidents every year. Studies show that throughout Connecticut most car accidents are caused by reckless driving, with drivers disregarding the safety of others. Cases we commonly handle involve speeding, tailgating, DUI, hit-and-run accidents, and both distracted and fatigued driving.

Injury cases can also be the result of more malicious actions including assault or worse.

So, if you end up with some kind of personal injury that someone else is responsible for, what do you do? The answer is simple. Find a good New Haven, CT legal firm that can help you get compensation

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Common Types of Claims in New Haven, CT

Every possible personal injury claim will be found on the court roll in New Haven, CT. These range from every possible type of road accident – trucks, cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, to medical malpractice, assault, and workers’ compensation cases.

When it comes to personal injury cases, New Haven has the same types of issues as any other part of Connecticut. And you’re going to need a good personal injury lawyer to help you succeed in a claim.

FAQs For Personal Injury Claims in New Haven, CT

Our clients constantly ask questions about personal injury claims, and we expect them to. They vary from the amount they can expect to get from a damages claim to the kinds of claims that will be accepted in court.

If you’ve been hurt and you have a legitimate legal claim against someone who you believe was responsible for your injuries, our attorneys will help you get the settlement you deserve. Here are a couple of examples:

How will a court assess pain and suffering?

Every case is different, but you will need to prove the pain and suffering that has resulted from personal injury. Your attorney will need to show that you weren’t at fault and that the pain and suffering you have experienced has impacted your daily life.

It can sometimes result in a small token amount, but if, for example, you can’t continue to work or walk, then it can increase substantially. If it impacts your family life, it will likely be even higher.

Can I reject a settlement offer?

As the plaintiff making the claim, you can reject a settlement offer. Your lawyer will advise whether this is a wise move to make. Typically, if a settlement offer is lower than the amount a client is claiming, we will go back to the negotiating table.

There’s a Lemberg Law Attorney to Help You

Lemberg Law has been involved in thousands of personal injury cases in the past 15 years. Our experienced team of attorneys is focused on people like you who need help when you have been harmed.

If you have been injured in any way, contact us so that we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Who are we? We are Lemberg Law, a Consumer Law Firm with an excellent reputation for compassionate and aggressive lawyering

Lemberg Law has a reputation backed by 13 years of service and $50 million in recovery for 25,000 clients nationwide. We know personal injury law. You have rights, and you deserve the best representation available. All you need to do is send us your information for a free case evaluation, or call our Helpline today. We’re knowledgeable; we’re friendly; and we’re here to help. There is no charge unless we win.

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