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Everett, Massachusetts is a small city directly to the north of Boston. With a population of just under 50,000 people, Everett combines the bustling energy of a metropolis with a warm community feeling.

Everett was originally part of Charleston, MA. The municipality later joined Malden, MA. Finally in 1870, Everett separated from Malden and became a city in its own right. Still, its proximity to Boston makes it an attractive place to live for many people who work in Boston but don’t want to pay the high housing prices usually found in Boston or in Cambridge.

Everett is a small and peaceful city. But even in a calm city like Everett, there can be dangerous situations. If you were injured in Everett, you can call the attorneys at Lemberg Law to discuss what kind of compensation you may be entitled to.

How Can an Everett, MA Lawyer Help With Your Claim?

An accident can change every single thing about your life. If you were injured in an accident, then you may have had to take time off from work or spend time in the hospital. You may be looking at sky-high medical bills. You’ll need time to recover, and you’ll need money to pay for the cost of your recovery. The right lawyer can help make sure that you get all the compensation you deserve to help make that happen.

It’s important to choose the right Everett, MA lawyer so that you can get the best possible settlement. Working with a great attorney can help you survive a difficult time in your life.

A great lawyer can help:

  • Gather all the documents you need – like police and medical reports, proof of injury and witness testimony – to ensure that your claim is filed correctly.
  • Confer with insurance companies to work towards getting you the best possible compensation package.
  • Push for a settlement that you can use to cover your immediate needs, as well as any lost wages or future earnings.
  • File your claims correctly with insurance companies.
  • Represent you in court if necessary.

If you’ve been injured, you deserve to work with an empathetic, experienced lawyer in Everett, MA. Lemberg Law’s attorneys are here for you.

Call us today to set up a free consult. Our attorneys will listen to what happened to you and talk about what your options may be.

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What Are the Most Common Causes of Claims in Everett, MA?

Road accidents are one of the leading causes of personal injuries. Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents can lead to serious injuries among motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists. They can also damage property.

Were you injured in a road accident? If so, you may be entitled to compensation. The right lawyer can help you understand what you may be entitled to.

Road accidents are not the only causes of personal injury. You may also have been injured by a defective product, including a defective car. You may have been injured on the job, or you may have been bitten by an out-of-control dog. An experienced attorney in Everett, MA can advise you on your rights.

FAQs From Our Everett, MA Clients

If you have been injured recently, and have questions about your rights, it’s a good idea to give Lemberg Law a call. We would be happy to advise you about your rights. Give us a call right away so that we can discuss your case. You’ll also find answers to some commonly asked questions right here.

Do I need documentation to win a settlement in my case?

Yes, you do. An experienced lawyer can help you collect all of the documents you need and present them correctly. You’ll need to present proof of your injuries. You’ll also need to show evidence that you were injured because of someone else’s deliberate actions or because of their negligence.

What happens if I’m accused of causing the accident?

This happens fairly often. An experienced lawyer can evaluate your case to determine whether you played a part in causing the accident. Your attorney can also consult with the insurance companies and possibly with the court to discuss the case. Even if it’s determined that you were at fault, you may still be entitled to compensation for any injuries that you received.

What documentation do I need in order to claim medical expenses?

You’ll need to present medical bills from the hospital or the doctor to demonstrate that you suffered medical injuries. The right lawyer can make sure that you have the right documentation and that it’s presented correctly.

Why Choose Lemberg Law?

Lemberg Law’s attorneys have extensive experience working with clients in Everett, MA. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and caring. They’ll never stop fighting until they win their client the compensation they’re entitled to.

If you were injured by an accident or negligence, call Lemberg Law right away and set up a free consultation with our lawyers.

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Lemberg Law has a reputation backed by 13 years of service and $50 million in recovery for 25,000 clients nationwide. We know personal injury law. You have rights, and you deserve the best representation available. All you need to do is send us your information for a free case evaluation, or call our Helpline today. We’re knowledgeable; we’re friendly; and we’re here to help. There is no charge unless we win.

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