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When it comes to New England shoreline towns, few are as beautiful or enjoyable as Branford.  This coastal attraction on Long Island Sound is a mere five miles away frown downtown New Haven.  Though Branford is a relaxed place to live and visit, it has the potential to get a little bit hectic, especially on the weekends and when tourists are in the area.

If you are involved in an accident and know or suspect another party, be it an individual or institution, is even partially at fault, connect with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.  Our team is here to fiercely advocate on your behalf, right this wrong to the best of our ability and help you transition to a new chapter of life.

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How a Personal Injury Lawyer in Branford can Help

You are not alone in the aftermath of your personal injury.  Though you might not be able to work and may be depressed, you should know Branford, CT personal injury lawyers are here to lend invaluable assistance.  Lean on your attorney and you will be able to invest your time and energy in rebuilding your body after the accident.

A personal injury lawyer in Branford, CT can help with:

  • Compiling evidence
  • Analyzing evidence
  • Presenting evidence in court
  • Reviewing settlement offers
  • Identifying witnesses
  • Considering the potential benefit of expert testimony
  • Representing you at court hearings

Instead of attempting to navigate the legal maze on your own after your accident in Branford, CT, opt for assistance in the form of an attorney.  Your attorney will handle discussions with the insurer as well as opposing counsel while you narrow your focus on your health and possibly returning to work in due time.

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Why Personal Injuries Occur in Branford

Branford, CT is not the busiest city in the state.  However, Branford has plenty of personal injury claims and lawsuits.  Whether you are involved in a car accident, bit by a dog, harmed by a defective product or harmed by a physician who committed medical malpractice, you will need an experienced personal injury attorney at your service.


Is your law firm really different from the others in Branford?

Indeed, we are different.  Take a look at our reviews posted to Google, Facebook and the Better Business Bureau and you will quickly learn that we refuse to settle for the bare minimum.  Our track record of success in terms of winning cases is exemplified by our positive reviews posted across the web.  Let us analyze your case and you will be provided with custom-tailored legal representation.

How long will it take to get a settlement?

Most personal injury cases in Branford take about a year’s time to culminate in a settlement or court award.

What has to be proven to win in court?

The overarching aim of a personal injury lawsuit is to prove the defendant acted negligently.  Negligence is a word used by attorneys, judges and others in the legal sphere to refer to the failure to provide others with the appropriate level of care.

What do you need from me?

If you have any evidence, provide it to our attorneys.  Do not admit guilt even if you were partially responsible for the accident.  Say as little as possible, refer all questions to our attorneys and we will spearhead the quest for justice while you recuperate.

Should I meet with a doctor?

Yes.  Meet with a doctor soon after the accident so your injuries can be documented.  This documentation has the potential to help your case as it might establish a causal relationship between your pain, medical bills, suffering and other losses and the actual accident.  Such a causal relationship is necessary to win a court award or settlement.

Is a police report necessary?

Indeed, a police report has the potential to make or break your case.  The police report will be used as evidence.  Most police reports attempt to piece together the accident or other incident, meaning there is an attempt to establish fault that the court might recognize and use to determine if there should be an award and how much that award should be.

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