Curaleaf Spamming You With Unwanted Texts and Robocalls?

Unwanted Marijuana Text Ads Are On The Rise. Here's What You Can Do To Stop Them.

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Updated on Author: Sergei Lemberg

Are you receiving Curaleaf text spam or robocalls? Our firm is receiving complaints from consumers who are getting spammed with Curaleaf promotional texts or Robocalls without their consent. These marketing texts usually turn out to be a nuisance for many of our clients and in several cases are illegally sent without prior consent by using an automatic dialing system.

What is Curaleaf?

Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. is an American cannabis company headquartered in Wakefield, Massachusetts. It engages in the production and distribution of cannabis products across North America. Curaleaf was founded in 2010 under the name PalliaTech. It operated in New Jersey and had a research center in Colorado.

Curaleaf has made several acquisitions in the cannabis industry since. It acquired the cannabis oil brand Select in 2019, making it the largest cannabis operator in the United States. The following year it acquired Colorado based edibles maker BlueKudu, which is known for its infused chocolates and gummies. In 2020, Curaleaf became the world’s largest cannabis company by revenue after the purchase of its Chicago-based competitor Grassroots Cannabis. The purchase also expanded the company into 23 states in the U.S.

Curaleaf serves a growing market, but marijuana dispensaries can’t escape the law. The federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Federal Communications Commission regulate what businesses can and cannot do with respect to text messages.

For example, the law says that a company must have your permission to send you a text. It also forbids businesses from sending additional text messages once you’ve asked them to stop. When a company keeps texting you after you’ve told them not to, you can sue in federal court for $500 to $1,500 per text.

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Why is Curaleaf sending me so many Spam Text Messages?

Simply, you may have consented to receiving text messages from Curaleaf without realizing so. Often, consumers give their consent to receive text alerts by signing up quickly for offers and promotions either during an in store or an online purchase. That’s when the text messages start pouring in. However, in these texts you should be offered the opportunity to revoke your consent every time. If you do revoke consent and the texts continue to be sent to your device, the company sending them could be in violation of Federal Law.


Here’s how to know if you have a case:

Do You Have a Spam Text Case?

Suing spam texters – and receiving up to $500-$1500 per unwanted text – is possible if you’ve experienced any one of these situations:

  • You received an unwanted commercial text on your wireless device, and you haven’t given permission to the company to send you texts and you don’t have an existing business relationship with that company.
  • You received a text that did not provide you with an automatic opt-out mechanism.
  • You opted out but are still receiving texts.
  • Your mobile device is registered on the national Do-Not-Call list.
  • The text you received was sent by an autodialer.

Do You Have a Robocall Case?

Suing Robocallers – and receiving up to $500-$1500 per unwanted robocall – is possible if you’ve experienced any one of these situations:

  • You received a pre-recorded call without your prior written consent to the business.
  • Your mobile device is registered on the national Do-Not-Call list.
  • The robocall you received was sent by an autodialer.
  • You received a robocall that did not provide you with an automatic opt-out mechanism.
  • You opted out but are still receiving robocalls.
  • Robocalls that violated the law, such as making misrepresentations or threats.

How Much Will It Cost me To Hire a Lawyer Stop Spam Texting?

When Lemberg Law decides to represent you, you don’t have to pay us a dime out of pocket. In fact, we don’t get paid at all unless we win. That means there’s zero risk to you when we take your case. We pledge to fight for your rights and get you the justice you deserve.

Lemberg Law has extensive experience in text message spam litigation, including a spam text case against a well-known Burger chain and settled the case against Rita’s Italian Ices.

If you believe a company has violated text spam laws and regulations, contact us for a free case evaluation. Use our online form or call us at 844-685-9200.

Sergei Lemberg

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