2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical, fuel system and and brake issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Consumers looking for a low-cost SUV often gravitate toward the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. After all, it boasts of plenty of style and many advanced safety features. The automaker even claims that the new lineup helps to make “boundaries redefined,” but most people aren’t happy with the ways it is redefining driving. From the faulty electrical system to the defective service brakes and malfunctioning fuel system, this SUV ranks as one of the biggest lemons.

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Problems with the Electrical System

With advanced driver-assist features and innovative technology included, the electrical system must be functional. Yet, this intricate system can’t seem to operate correctly on the Eclipse Cross.

One NHTSA comment states, “Stopped at a red light. Light turned green, stepped on the gas, truck accelerated. Then, began to feel like something wasn’t normal, engine began to make quick high and low-pitched sounds. Was only going 10 mph if that. Tried to step on the brakes and pull over, but the brakes didn’t respond. Then tried to step on the gas slightly to pull over, but the gas pedal also didn’t respond. I was able to let the truck roll to a stop in the right turning lane, put it in Park and turned on the hazards. Then, followed every possible service light came on. The engine never actually stalled. It was still running, but not responsive to the brake or gas pedals. I attempted to reset the car, as per the manual suggested. Turned it off for 5 minutes and then back on. The high and low-pitch sounds continued, service lights remained lit, and vehicle was still unresponsive. Roadside assistance was then called and towed the truck to the dealership I leased from. Thankfully, I wasn’t going more than 10 mph when my brakes failed and was able to roll to a stop, opposed to being on the highway going 60 mph, as I was just 10 minutes before this occurred. The truck is not even 3 months old, with only 3,600 approx. miles.”

There’s a serious recall related to the electrical system on the Eclipse Cross. NHTSA Campaign Number 18V621000 states that some of the safety systems might not function as intended, increasing the chance of an accident. That sounds precisely what happened to the driver above. Sadly, this trouble affects nearly 60,000 vehicles. The faults occur with the Adaptive Cruise Control, Electric Parking Brake, Anti-lock Braking, Electronic Stability Control, Brake Auto Hold and Automatic Emergency Braking. It seems that nearly all of the active driver-assist software is fighting the Eclipse Cross, like a bad sci-fi film.

Problems with the Brakes

While the complaint above touched on braking problems, there are more concerns from other owners.

One such example is this comment left on the NHTSA website. “After starting the car, and going in reverse, you can hear a cracking or clicking noise (it’s really hard to tell), and sometimes it’s really loud if the brakes or something else was stuck and about to break apart. It sounds on the rear side and in the front side too. You can hear one or three clicks. I took my car to the dealer around three times in five months and first, I was told its normal, the second time I was pushy, and it was a matter of lubrication. I wasn’t told where exactly, and the last time the dealership manager told me that service department had to keep the car for a week. (I got a loaner, but it has the same issue). The service department replaced the brake system, and rotors, inspected and lubricated all parts. But, I was told that they couldn’t pinpoint the problem. The noise stopped, but I was told if it comes back, I had to take the car back to the dealer. After this incident, the next day in the morning while driving to work, my car stopped working. I couldn’t brake (I was driving at 27 mph), the steering wheel got locked, I got all the alarms on, FCM, Power Steering Problem, ABS Problem, ASC, ACC Not Available. I got really afraid, luckily I had no cars around.”

Again, it appears that the driver-assist software is retaliating, along with having dysfunctional brakes. Another recall, NHTSA Campaign Number 18V620000, says that the FCM-ECU software can also activate the brakes for longer than it should. Because the user might panic during this incident, an accident could be imminent. This particular recall affects another 9,000 vehicles, further proving that Mitsubishi has redefined boundaries, but not in a good way.

Problems with the Fuel System

The fuel system is responsible for feeding the engine and it must be reliable if the vehicle is going to continue running. Again, Mitsubishi misses the mark with this valuable system.

One Edmunds review states, “I only had this SUV for 5 months and I’m hearing a ticking sound coming from the engine and while in park the car revs on its own. I called the dealership and was told that it maybe due to bad fuel (only concern is that this dealership has a habit of lying just to get the money). I tend to go to the same gas station when it’s time to fill up.”

This is only the beginning of the fuel system concerns. Service Bulletin #TSB-19-17-001 states that customers could smell fuel coming from the cabin’s air vents when the engine is running and recirculation mode is off. The cause of this problem is the leftover fuel residue left inside the breather hose that is permeating through the outside and requires that dealers replace the vacuum pipe, hose assembly and breather hose to prevent the smell from occurring. Maybe it’s true that Mitsubishi is redefining boundaries. This model surely helps owners to feel unsafe and is sure to be labeled one of the largest lemons of all time. For that, it’s necessary to give the automaker credit for living up to the slogan.

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