2018 Jeep Compass Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Electrical system, lighting, engine and powertrain issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Updated on Author: Brian Jones

Many reports portray Jeep’s compact offering, the Compass, as inefficient and underpowered. Nothing about the warmed-over SUV – including its reliability record – is encouraging. Since its introduction in 2007, the vehicle has been plagued by issues, and things remain the same for the current model year. According to the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) website, the main problem areas for the 2018 Jeep Compass are the electrical system/exterior lighting, engine and powertrain.

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NHTSA Complaints for the 2018 Jeep Compass

Complaint CategoryNumber of Complaints
Electrical System
Unknown Or Other
Power Train
Fuel/propulsion System
Service Brakes
Exterior Lighting
Vehicle Speed Control
Electronic Stability Control

Problems with the Electrical System/Exterior Lighting

These days, most vehicle dashboards contain a myriad of gauges and displays. Take, for example, the Jeep Compass with its supposedly high-tech Multiview Driver Information Display and Uconnect touchscreen infotainment system. Both gadgets sound good on paper but fail all too often in real life.

Let’s start with the ultra-bright driver information display that refuses to dim, no matter which setting the driver adjusts it to.

On the NHTSA website, one owner complains of the instrument cluster, “Instrument cluster is very bright at night, affecting the ability to see the roadway. Instrument cluster does not dim when attempting to adjust brightness.”

Obviously, the wayward cluster is a safety issue, yet Jeep has not issued a recall to address the problem.

Next up there’s the abysmal Uconnect infotainment display. The unit houses the rearview camera, which, like the aforementioned instrument cluster, is abnormally bright.

“Problem relates to 2018 Jeep Compass Latitude. When vehicle is placed in reverse, the 8.4” Uconnect screen shows the backup camera at full brightness. This is blinding and makes it impossible to see when backing up. This is going to cause an accident,” states an owner.

The blazingly intense backup camera isn’t the Uconnect display’s only problem; the unit is also known to freeze up and crash without warning. So far, Jeep has not made public a remedy for any of these issues.

Here are some actual complaints logged with the NHTSA about the 2018 Jeep Compass Electrical and Exterior Lighting Problems:

I bought my Jeep Compass 2018 in April of 2018. When i was finally able to drive it at night i realized the touch screen and instrument panel did not dim when the headlights came on as it says that it will do. It makes it very difficult to drive at night with how bright the displays are

Multiple issues with car display, and dimmer capabilities. Navigation screen and backup camera blindingly bright when dark out, creating safety hazard. Had instrument panel cluster software update recall work completed but issue not resolved with recall work. Problem persists when vehicle is in motion and stationary

Dimmer for dash lights / gauges does nothing. All interior gauges, controls, dials, etc. Stuck on full brightness. Very dangerous – makes it hard to operate vehicle at night with glaring gauges.
I had my vehicle diagnosed due to interior lights do not dim at night leaving the Jeep very bright and dangerous. I have called Jeep and they refuse to fix the issue or give me a solution on what to do! They still refuse at of today

Problems with the Engine and Excessive Oil Burn

Most brand-new vehicles don’t stall in the middle of an intersection. But, then again, the Jeep Compass isn’t like other new vehicles. The SUV is well-known for an engine that dies without warning, often at the most inopportune times.

On the NHTSA website, one owner writes, “Car has shut off three times while driving. Simply shuts down in the middle of a highway or side street.”

“Front display panel flashes off and screen goes completely black then service light comes on and engine stalls,” complains another driver.

There is a potential cause for these concerns, and a corresponding recall (18V524000). According to Jeep, the problem may be the voltage regulator; a part of the car’s computer used to control alternator output. Dealers will repair the problem free of charge.

Here are some actual complaints logged with the NHTSA about the 2018 Jeep Compass Engine and Oil Burn Problems:

The 2018 Jeep Compass stalled and shut down while driving with 335 miles on the odometer
Car has shut off 3 times while driving in last week. Simply shuts down in middle of a highway or side street

At around 5000 miles my Jeep was almost completely out of oil. I brought this to the dealers attention at the first oil change. Brought the Jeep back after 2000 miles and again it was low (about 2 quarts). The service tech admitted it was burning oil but will not remedy the situation because it is within spec for Chrysler ( burning 1 quart every 1000 miles).

On March 30 2018, vehicle had 6000 miles and would not start. Extreme amount of steam was coming out of the exhaust. Car was towed to dealership. Internal engine issue (not clearly identified) caused the engine to internally explode leaving metal fragments all over the inside of the engine. The entire engine needs to be replaced. In addition the vehicle was missing a bolt in a bar in the undercarriage of the vehicle, which has been on order for several weeks. The undercarriage bar was an issue known previously.

Problems with the Transmission

Jeep and reliable transmissions have always been a contradiction. The 2018 Compass carries on a long-lasting tradition of subpar gearboxes with two new automatics: a 6-speed and a 9-speed. Both units are known for all kinds of problems from jerking to falling into “limp mode”.

One owner complains to the NHTSA, “Vehicle transmission would jerk or bump hard enough for seat belt tension system to jerk you into your seat.”

“The contact owns a 2018 Jeep Compass. While attempting to accelerate, the vehicle failed to move. The contact depressed the accelerator pedal and the “gear shift” message displayed. Shortly after, the vehicle violently jolted forward and then dropped,” states another account on the NHTSA website.

“We purchased our 2018 Jeep Compass in December 2017 and have been in and out of the shop FOUR TIMES! Matter of fact my car is sitting at the shop right now. 15 minutes down the road the car goes into limp mode and won’t drive over 30 mph. The engine and transmission light come on and no one seems to understand the problem. Jeep and the dealership have been NO help!!! Please save your time and money and no NOT get the Compass,” writes an owner on Edmunds.com.

So far, no recalls or public campaigns have been issued to address the transmission concerns.

Here are some actual complaints logged with the NHTSA about the 2018 Jeep Compass Transmission Problems:

Upon starting vehicle and shifting into drive, vehicle has started rolling in reverse on the incline even though the transmission is in drive. Upon inspection of the shift indicator, the “d” drive position indicator has been flashing and transmission is not engaged, and the vehicle is freewheeling . Per dealer, computer shows no indication of the problem or code information about it. Returned from dealer service on 09-01-2018 at approximately 10:30 hours. This has happened on at least three (3) occasions.

It makes a humming noise and it sounds like when you are slowing down it’s almost like it’s shifting down. Been doing since i picked it up from the dealer on 01/19/2018. I have had it at the dealership they say the noise is normal . I disagree. I have had a symbol twice come up that looks like this (a)! . My main concern is that humming noise and where is it coming from should i be concerned with the transmission? It happens around 25 and higher speed.

Engine shut off without warning while driving on interstate highway. Received messages service transmission and service engine. Coasted to stop on shoulder of road. Car would not restart for about 10 minutes. Checked codes afterwards; shows P0339 crankshaft position sensor a circuit intermittent and P0335 crankshaft position sensor a circuit. This presents a serious safety issue when car engine stops without warning.

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  • Wendy

    My 2018 Jeep Compass Trailhawk with 37k miles has had the oil pressure sensor replaced right after purchasing..then 2 months later the 12v battery the aux light stayed on but was told it was fine..then it died right before Thanksgiving..was told by the Jeep dealer that it’s the aux battery..had it replaced..the next day it shut down while driving went into limp home mode..took it back said the PCM needed replacing it threw 8 codes..after replacing it shut off again then back to the dealer now throwing 6 codes..after 2 weeks of not knowing what was causing this they replaced the crank shaft sensor..2 days later shut down again went into limp home mode it’s now back at the dealer for the 4th time..they don’t know what’s going on they want to replace each sensor one at a time costing me over $2k!! This car is a true lemon and it doesn’t feel safe to drive

  • katie w

    I bought a 2018 Jeep Compass Limited 4×4 with a 9speed automatic trans. and a 4cyl engine. All the bells and whistles:heated steering,heated seats, leather seats, auto start/stop,auto start with fob, bluetooth, the whole works. It had 10,000 miles on it when purchased preowned in 2020. Since I’ve had it its had 1 electronic recall reprogrammed, the washer fluid resevoir was replaced under warranty, they had to reprogram the ‘tcm’ programs for the high RPM’s which is typical in a 4 cyl apparently. I performed regular oil changes, replaced the original tires from wear and now here in November of 2022 only 2YEARS after financing it I still have the auto start stop light coming on/off since purchase on occasion, I just spent $230 on the main battery that went bad and my steering is off. The Jeep dealership charged me $181 for diagnostics as all warranties have already expired, to be told my steering rack is bad and would be $1,800 just for the part!!! I don’t take it off roading or hit pot holes when driving so why is this an issue? It is not safe to drive now and will get worse until replaced. With so many electrical components I’m ready to trade in and get away from Jeep all together! Didnt even want the auto start and stop feature or half the digital screens and such! SO UPSET and overwhelmed as to what to do. Pay almost $2,000 until yet another issue arises for a car only 4 years old? I have 61,000 miles on it, that’s it!

  • Jalessia M

    I purchased a 2018 Jeep Compass Limited less than 3 months ago from Clay Cooley CJD in Irving, TX. Already both batteries are dead, the transmission may be about to need replacing, and there’s a rattle under my vehicle, and it also jerks/stalls. Please, there has to be something that can be done. Legal action I can take? They didn’t even inspect the vehicle.

  • Sally J

    I have had numerous issues with my 2018 Jeep Compass. I have 49000 miles and have already replaced the ignition coil for $600 bucks and now for the second time I need to replace both batteries again and Jeep want 6-800 bucks. They said when the stop start battery goes you have to replace both. The car also backfires a lot. I will never buy a jeep again.

  • A.C

    Do NOT purchase a Jeep. I have a 2018 certified Jeep Compass Latitde. I purchased it in 2019 it only 7-8 thousand miles on it. Please know that this car is hardly on the road due to me being home most of the time. Since 2019 to current I have had to have the Aux battery and my regular battery changed. This is after asking the dealership about the Aux light. They told me it was a backup battery and I would be fine. Low and behold I get stranded at the store. The car won’t start and I can’t power off the car completely. Everything on the dash stayed lit, draining my regular battery. Then I had to have the U joint replaced that attaches to front wheels. Now my windshield prayer is not working. Seminole County Dodge Jeep Ram of Sanford FL was informed of all of this. I tried to get some insight on why my wiper fluid is not spraying and Johnathan Fiermonti and the Servce/parts manager ,who’s name I didn’t get,, proceeded to be defensive and RUDE as all get out when asked about it. Let me also throw in that when they did the multi point inspection it said the wipers and system were fine. I also asked, if service is supposed to top off fluid, why is the wiper fluid not full. Due to them being aggravated with my questions, they refused to service my car.I will NEVER buy this brand again.I can’t get it off my hands fast enough.

  • Rebecca Z

    I purchased a 2018 Jeep Compass a little over a year ago. I have already paid $9,000 to have the entire engine replaced after it continued to consume oil at an alarming rate, there is a sudden jerk that continues to happen even after the engine was replaced by a dealer. I have had it in a few different shops and most will not even touch it because they are aware of all the issues with Compasses. No check engine lights come on so No one seems to know what the issue is and after spending all this money to fix it, I could have paid it off. It has become a serious financial burden and the car is still not reliable. I’m always praying that it will just get me to where I am going until I can find a solution.

  • Sonya C

    I have a 2018 jeep compass that I am very unsatisfied with. The car is broke for more than running.

  • Teena F

    I purchased a 2018 Jeep Compass from Off Lease Only in September 2020. It has just over 40K in mileage now. A few months after I purchased it there was a recall on the part that shuts the engine off when the vehicle is stopped. While in the shop for that repair, my service advisor noticed my screen was cracked on my radio. It was still under the manufacturers warranty so they ordered me a new radio. I’ve not had any issues since until I started hearing a noise when turning left. Took it to my mechanic and he diagnosed it as the rack & pinion, sway bar links and tires. I have an extended warranty so I took it to the dealership. It took them four days to even look at it and me paying for a rental car. After almost a week it was repaired and ever since, the radio screen is not working, so no radio, blue tooth, clock, etc. I am taking it back again Tuesday and I am sure they will tell me they had nothing to do with it and who knows how long I will have to leave it again or what it will cost to repair it. Very, very frustrating!!!

  • Nadia

    Wow I’m so glad I found this. I’m in Canada and unfortunately we do not have lemon law but I’m about to cry it’s been so bad.
    I bought a new car and this one behaves worst then my old used one.

    I wrote to the CEO of JEEP about the quality I got pushed to FCA who thinks everything is ok.

    The windshield was not original.
    The service team keeps blaming my car I moved from Toronto to vancouver and that’s why everything is breaking.

    I’ve had it since august 2018
    – seat broke
    – rooftop broke
    – radio freezes
    – the trunk has no sensor it knocked me out several times
    – Lane change light never worked
    – battery number 1 dies after 2 hours: I could not start if I didn’t start directly
    – battery 2 breaks not even a year later. I’m out of warranty $700
    – rust all over the breaks
    – rotors. Broken
    – car has been stalling the moment I leave my house I can’t make it up the hill. They blame me for not checking the oil. I’m dangerously dying in the middle of the street
    – trunk randomly opens I had chips (luckily only ) stolen from my trunk

    The service thinks I’m an idiot. They tell me to just buy the Cherokee and spend $200 a month more.
    No one is going to give me back the hours and hours of sitting at dealerships and speaking to me like I purposely am breaking this car.

    Now they want me to pay another $150 to check the batter because it’s popping up a code.

    So yes it’s not going well for me.

    I would like to look further into the stop/ go engine because I’m very sure it’s draining the batteries and if so they should pay back for this feature because people got it since it was supposed to save gas. All I get is yelled at the lights because it takes too long to get the car going and $700 bills.

    I’m ready to loose money on this car to get away from them.

  • Luis

    My wife bought a 2018 Jeep Compass trail Hawk in November 2018 and ever since she purchased this vehicle we’ve had nothing but problems with it. This car has been in and out of the dealership shop about 20 times by now. It is one problem after an other. It is all the same problems everyone else complains about these vehicles. This car has stalled out on her about 10 times a few times on the freeway with my 3 year old child in the car. Motor mounts on this car have already broken off. This is a brand new vehicle. Also there are about 10 recalls on this vehicle already. 1 recall was recently just address. This car is so unreliable and unsafe. I would not recommend buying this vehicle to anyone!!

  • Jessica

    I got a 2018 Jeep Compass trailhawk in 2020, not even 3 months into having the car it was having all kinds of electrical problems. The first problem I had was when I got in the car to start it, it wouldn’t even register that I was trying to turn the car on like it had completely died. The car didn’t start for 26 more hours, and had to be towed to the dealership. This happened at least 4 more times. The first time I took it to the dealership they said nothing was wrong with it. Obviously a lie. Then I had a serious problem, I was coming out of a neighborhood going around a bend at 25-30mph about to get on a freeway, the car completely shut off while driving steering wheel locked up all service lights came on and the ebrake engaged my car went sideways and slid onto a curb. The car sat dead for 30 mins until a nice old man helped me jump the car. I took it to the dealership and they said it was something to do with oil consumption. Since then this car has completely died and wouldn’t start 3 other times. I’ve had this car less than a year. Absolute lemon and I want it gone. These cars are dangerous and should not be in production anymore.

  • Steven S

    2018 Jeep compass trailhawk was bought in July of 2019. Vehicle ran fine until July of 2020. Vehicle would display multiple service lights, at random times the vehicle would not shift, vehicle wouldn’t go over 40 on highway. Eventually the vehicle quit starting all together. Vehicle was taken to dealer on September 22nd of 2020. They said it needed a software update, so they charged me $300 and sent me on my way. Vehicle was immediately returned as the update did nothing. Dealer advised, a month later, it had a bad valve body and transmission control module. The part didn’t arrive until early November 2020. Dealer didn’t even install the pet until January 20th of 2021. After the install they advised the vehicle still doesn’t work and don’t know what the issue is. My vehicle has been in the shop for 4 months now with no end in sight. The dealer was very lazy and didn’t care about my situation (in fact they loaned me a wrecked vehicle, and tried to blame me when I complained. But I had pictures of the damage from when I took possession). I’m short, don’t waste your time or money with Jeep/Dodge/Fiat. I live in Illinois, where lemon law doesn’t cover used vehicles. So I am completely stuck. Don’t make the same mistake.

  • Steven S

    2018 Jeep compass trailhawk was bought in July of 2019. Vehicle ran fine until July of 2020. Vehicle would display multiple service lights, at random times the vehicle would not shift, vehicle wouldn’t go over 40 on highway. Eventually the vehicle quit starting all together. Vehicle was taken to dealer on September 22nd of 2020. They said it needed a software update, so they charged me $300 and sent me on my way. Vehicle was immediately returned as the update did nothing. Dealer advised, a month later, it had a bad valve body and transmission control module. The part didn’t arrive until early November 2020. Dealer didn’t even install the pet until January 20th of 2021. After the install they advised the vehicle still doesn’t work and don’t know what the issue is. My vehicle has been in the shop for 4 months now with no end in sight. The dealer was very lazy and didn’t care about my situation (in fact they loaned me a wrecked vehicle, and tried to blame me when I complained. But I had pictures of the damage from when I took possession). I’m short, don’t waste your time or money with Jeep/Dodge/Fiat.

  • Steven S

    I bought a 2018 Jeep Compass trailhawk used in July of 2019. Ran fine until August of 2020. Vehicle would display multiple service lights, at one point on the highway, the vehicle would not go faster than 40mph and would not shift. Eventually, the vehicle just stopped starting all together. The vehicle was taken to the dealer on September 22nd of 2020, they charged $300 for a software update and sent me on my way. Vehicle was immediately returned as the update did nothing. They said it was the valve body and transmission control module. The part didn’t come in until early November. The dealer didn’t even bother to install the part until January 20th of 2021. They then advised the vehicle still doesn’t work and don’t know what the issue is. At this point my Compass has been sitting at the dealer for over 4 months with no end in sight. I would get any other vehicle over a Jeep.

  • Dorie

    Purchased my Jeep 2018 compass almost four months ago, I have already had it towed twice. And the 3rd time will be tomorrow. I did not have a warranty at the time of purchase but I did add a warranty after the first time I had to take It in (only a couple weeks) Check engine and transmission light came on and car was driving in one gear. Dealership where the car was purchased did an oil change and said no lights were on when they checked it but recommended that I take it to a different dealer to run test. Only one code came back and it was saying low oil. I was told if the lights come back on to bring it back in so that they can re program it. Now here it is a little over a week later and it shut down at an intersection. All lights were blinking out of control!!! Car would not start and had to get it towed home. Calling tomorrow to get it towed back to the dealer. What should be the next option. Not safe to drive especially with a child.

  • Debbie R

    I purchased my 2018 Jeep Compass Trailhawk in Dec 2017 brand new. In December 2019, it started to turn off while I was driving. It felt like it would be in neutral and all the dash lights were on. When I would come to a complete stop, it would then shut completely off. Then I started having electrical issues at the same time. My windows would sometimes not go down, the locks would lock and unlock by themselves while driving and the some radio/setting buttons on the display and steering wheel would not work. I took it to Jeep three times and they could not find anything wrong with it. The third time I took it in, they finally decided to install some kind of tracker in it. They issue was that the oil was burning quickly and the Compass wasn’t telling me causing damage to the engine. They said at the time that it was not a recall but that other similar small SUVs were having the same issue. They also wanted proof that I had my oil changes done on time. They replaced the engine and did a software update to fix the electrical issues. Then in November 2020, when I would shift gears, the car would jump forward or backward and the car shut off while it was parked. I took it back to Jeep and did a software update to fix the issue. So far, the issue has not happened again. There is no way of I love my Compass because of the style and features but I hate all the issues I’ve had with it. I would not recommend getting one. I’m currently looking to trade this one for a different make.

  • Robert

    I just bought a 2018 jeep compass limited, I had it for 4 days. Went to turn around on a slick road, the ice dragged me right into the curb. The ball joint on the passenger side just broke. I barely hit the curb at less then 1 mile a hour. Now took it back to the dealer had to make a insurance claim. They are now 8 to $2000+ in damages. This is my first ever new car, first ever auto loan. Kinda confused on what to do so, im paying for the fix, making my payments for the next year then trading it in for a better vehicle.

  • Stacy S

    2018 Jeep Compass sport 66k miles bought new. At an intersection and it completely shits down and the emergency brakes are engaged. I try to restart the vehicle with no luck at first made a 2nd attempt and it started. Had a start/stop error illuminated on the dash. Contacted dealer who stated that the start/stop auxiliary battery supply was bad. Navigation screen goes out a lot. I’m ready to trade this vehicle in ????

  • Cindy b

    Hello I have a Jeep Compass 2018 with 23580 km and have been having problems with the car completely shutting down while driving twice. The first time the car completely shut down all the dash board lights came on, blinking a d beeping. The car was in drive and would not move the emergency parking brake service light came on car would not move completely shut down it was towed and the dealership said it was the battery and replaced. Second time the car shut down at a red light was able to restart the vehicle the key fob was not able to be detected. Brought again to the dealership said that it was the key fob and they would replace the key fob but it is on back order. The car is very unsafe to drive once I locked up the car the second time after driving the car for one hour the key fob was not detected and am unable to lock my car. I called the dealership they stated there is nothing they can do and that I have to wait for the key fob to come in and be reprogrammed. The car shuts down, jerks while driving and the key fob is not working. I have contacted head office and still no really. Has this happened to anyone else.

  • Jay

    I just purchased a 2018 Jeep Compass, at 21 days both the transmission and service engine lights came on. The dealership is minimizing the issue. I do not feel safe driving this car. I’m supposed to drop it off with them tomorrow, getting a service car provided by them was also an issue due to covid. They said its stull under 90 day warranty, but my option to take it back ended at 7 days. I’ve driven the vehicle under 747… WTF?! I’d just like to get into a different RELIABLE vehicle.

  • Brenda R

    I purchased a 2018 jeep compass latitude in April of 2018, the back up camera screen goes completely black and shuts off, the radio constantly shuts off, and on 9-28-2020, the jeep would not start, so therefore I purchased a battery for $144, and on 09-29-2020, I drove for approximately 11 miles and the jeep would not accelerate over 16 miles per hour, and finally would not go forward. I had to call a towing service to take the car back to the original place of purchase for $245.00. My insurance company stated that they only pay up to $100 for towing, and will not cover any rental expenses, which are at a cost of $40 per day. The insurance company stated that rental expenses are only covered for accidents only and that my jeep is the result of a mechanical failure. The dealership indicated that the jeep is out of warranty by 10,000 miles. The jeep has approximately 70,000 miles on it. The dealership stated that the diagnostic fee will be at a cost of $166. “total lemon”

  • Donna H

    My 2018 Jeep Compass just did something very similar. I was driving in a 30 mph zone and the warning light of “4wd unavailable” came on and then my car wouldn’t literally move. I was pressing down the gas but it was practically dying. It didn’t stahl but it was close. I pulled over, shut it off and turned it on and it was fine. IRONICALLY my 2008 jeep commander did in fact shut down on me TWICE ON INTERSTATE i95 once in the Hudson valley and once in westchester. I’m lucky I didn’t die. Had angels with me both times Idk why I bought another jeep. I’m at 73k miles. The commander would restart and be fine after shutting it down and restarting it. Someone should take jeep crysler down

  • Robin

    2018 jeep compass bought new and have nothing but problems with the radio to phone goes in /out then the back up camera goes out intermittently and now when I’m getting gas it will shut off and takes forever to pump gas the cabin smell like gasoline its horrible it’s at 34000 I’m not sure what to do at this point? Warranty goes out at 36000 I’m frustrated with the whole mess

  • Heather W

    Bought 2018 Jeep Compass Sport with 500 miles on it brand new off the lot. $25k plus finance! I’m angry as the first time Compass showed issues it was the service shifter light pops on and Jeep jerks and stalls and won’t shift until powered off wait 5mins and came back on. Dealership tells me ignore unless it does it again this done via phone! Now about 8-9mos later driving on freeway and service transmission flashes and tranny fluid temperature is at 210 degrees! It’s currently in the dealership now with them fighting me asking dumb questions and trying to say nothings wrong! Told them I’m not an idiot and something is wrong and I won’t drive it til it’s fixed. Only 35k miles on it and I have 6yr 60k warranty on it!

  • Terry W

    Wifes 2018 compass shut down in middle of intersection . Said start stop was resetting .after sitting along side road for 2 hours whining noise stopped from front and car started but service engine notice came up . Car has been at dealer for week . They said there are so many code s that they have to call chrsler techs in to figure it out . What the f . Car only has 11000 mi on it

  • Kenn G

    Both ourselves and my son bought our cars NEW in 2018 these issues have just started to happen .
    My sons car has been in Stoneacre for over 6 weeks and they still cant fix the problem. Ours was one of the last cars made at the Italian plant and his was one of the first made in India. These are real safety issues when is Jeep going to fix the problem

  • Lindsay

    We also have a 2018 we bought brand new. To start it would sound as though it was gearing down yet no change in rpm or gas paddle pressure, just the sound. It’s still does it and no one can tell us why. Latley we have had I stances where driving down the highway all of a sudden the temprature spikes, we get a warning of overheating, it instantly bogs right down like its going to stall then when you press on the gas again ecerythjngreturns to normal. We have had to get 3 alignments last year while we wore out 2 sets of tires within a year!!! Butuef nothing is wrong if it wasnt a ten thousand dollar hit i would get rid of it!


    just purchase my jeep compass , january 7 2020 after getting into a car accident where my 2019 jeep rengade was total !! this car has need a jump 2x and now this am on my way to work the car decelerated and wouldnt go over 19 mph , im so upset and confused , if its not one thing its another , i pray they fix this bucket cause ive seen noting but problems and complaints about these little LEMONS

  • Tracy

    2018 jeep compass sport shut down and stopped itself in middle of 45mph traffic. Lights saying service engine and oil pressure were flashing on screen. Car also hesitated at a turn signal and the message of pull over safely vehicle will shut down soon. Vehicle was taken to jeep dealer and there was a 2019 jeep compass there that shut down going 75 mph on highway. They told us the compass uses alot of oil and that we need oil changes every 1500 miles. Jeep should be recalling these vehicles for this before someone gets killed. Maybe we all need to start a class action suit against them for selling this horrible vehicle.

  • Sara

    I purchased 2018 Jeep Compass 2 years ago . When driving the car would jerk randomly and it was very unsafe and freighting to drive . I took it to the dealer they told me they had to update the engine , they updated and still no change in the jerking , 6 months later My car completely looses power on the freeway . 5 mins later it turned right back on ! And is hesitating to drive this is the worst car ever !! I spent a lot of money and it’s not worth a penny !!

  • Carrie W

    2018 Jeep compass 35000 miles…if I sit in neutral to long or use parking brake without turning the car off and on before driving again, it will only go 10mph!!! I have to stop and restart engine, then it’s fine. Now battery went dead and new one won’t start it and it’s saying emergency brake needs service…but won’t start .. Emergency brakes should not be mechanical!!!

  • Travis S

    2018 Jeep Compass – oil burns fast and have had the dealer look at it 3 times with no remedy. Car has shut down while driving.

  • Theresa W

    Purchased a 2018 Jeep Compass in May 2019 when purchased car has 13500 miles and currently have 20000 miles in the past 2 weeks the car has stopped on me while driving 4 times. I’m concerned now seeing all of the other complaints about the same issues. I will be taking the the car to the dealership… but now I’m just really really concerned.

  • Rick T

    MY Jeep is having some problems. I have 53000 miles on my 2017 Jeep compass lattitude; which I purchased new; I had to have both batteries replaced because it didn’t start last Wednesday when I was leaving work. I am out of my warranty and my extended warranty wouldn’t cover replacement because it’s considered a maintenance item. At night when I put the car in reverse the reverse camera is so bright I can barely see out the windows, and occasionally my dash lights come on very bright and I can’t dim them. I have seen there was a recall, however when I put in my vin number the website says the recall is not for my car. The radio will randomly just shut off and restart like a computer that is rebooting. Last month the this symbol A! with a circle showed up and I was told that the battery for the start/ stop feature needede to be changed. Well after having the batteries replaced the light is no longer on and the stop start feature doesn’t work (I don’t like this feature). I have had my car stall out at a light but i think it has to do with the start/stop feature( what I mean is as the engine is trying to shut down I got a green light so I take my foot off the brake and apply gas then it didn’t move I had to restart it) one last thing the molding on the drivers seat that houses the power seat buttons broke about 4 months after I purchased the car, took it in to be repaired and its broken again.

  • Selena B

    1.5 years ago I bought a 2018 jeep compass, screen goes dark all the time most often the navigation screen dose not work, car has died in intersection and now the on my way home from work going up hill just died. going to the shop on 1/17/2020. If all these issues are know why are consumers not being told there is an issue with engine?
    Selena Burgher

  • Dave

    my auto start light came on at an intersection then my vehicle went full throttle and would not back off until I pumped the brake pedal and gas pedal finally backed off and displayed a red lightning bolt that said warning check throttle! Didn’t have to tell me that I already knew! the A with an exclamation mark by it displayed then did the display again today. I have to get it to the dealer.

  • Mahnaz F

    Worst car, I bought the limited edition 2018, the transmission temperature is always above 240, took it to dealer, said it’s normal. Recently three times engine shuts down in the middle of freeways.

  • Tim

    2018 Jeep Compass, Brake sometimes does not engage to start vehicle, no matter how hard you press the brake down. Radio issues randomly turning off. about to go back the dealer 3rd time since purchased in late May 2019.

  • Ashlee J

    I have purchased a 2018 Jeep compass it has stalled on me now 3 times in the middle of traffic. Once I get it to the shop or dealership they tell me if is extremely low on oil and that is why it is stalling. Tells me I need to be checking it and filling it will oil between changes. It is extremely unsafe and I believe I shouldn’t be paying $25,000 for an unsafe car. I do not want the car anymore and want my money back for what I have paid and owe on it.

  • Ali

    After coming across your website I knew I had to reach out. I have had nothing but issues with my 2018 Jeep Compass the moment I started leasing it. The radio has been replaced 3 times, the brakes had a recall, and it broke down on the side of the road completely out of oil at 6,000 miles. It started saying I needed an oil change today with 4,000 miles left until I was due again, so I brought it to the dealer and they are replacing the engine. At this point I do not feel safe in the car and would like to explore legal options.

  • Toni L

    I have had my car with a dealership for 2 weeks, then a month with the same problem. Lights in mirrors stay on, radio goes black, and locks dont work. The computer sometimes works on the screen and sometimes doesnt. ( map went crazy one day and froze up. Couldnt find my destination. Blue tooth occasionally works. Switched phones and upgraded. Still does the same. Doesnt want to stay paired. I didnt even make it home a week ago, after having my car for 3 weeks. Lights in mirrors came on and stayed on. I miss my car. I like my car. Just want one that is going to work and not fear the fact that the system can fry. Need help.

  • Elizabeth

    Once again My Jeep Compass is not running Jerks when in drive a rolls backwards , electrical systems are iffy at best .. after dealership put a new battery in it .. one month later battery dead again … shuts down at random while driving . Lights dim at all times now 9900 miles on this 2018 leased new paying for 15,000 miles a year I’m almost 2 years into 3 year lease .. it’s unsafe to drive

  • Kathy B

    I have a 2018 Jeep Compass with 7000 miles on it. It has already accelerated in reverse 3 times and accelerate forward once which hit bricks and went through bushes and did damage to the vehicle. You start the car, put it in reverse, take your foot off the brake and it takes off. The last time, we had our foot on the brake and put it into drive and it took off. It’s been to the dealership and, of course, they find nothing wrong. We have to pay to get it fixed, we have to pay for a rental car, and our insurance will go up. I hate this car and I have NO confidence in the dealership.

  • Al R

    Bought a 2018 Jeep Compass and it turns off on the road. Dealer is checking it for excessive oil consumption. After 4900 miles of driving the engine oil light came on and car turned off. It had turned off three times before.

    After much research it looks like I might have a lemon.

    Want to explore options to have my money refunded to me.

  • Zulema

    I bought a 2018 Jeep Compass and the transmisión and service engine lights are ON. I heard a noise while I tried to reverse or drive . Jeep still in warranty , now I don’t feel safe driving it!! What do I do??

  • Danielle

    2018 Jeep Compass latitude has had multiple issues with the screen and radio system , but is now on it second round back at the dealership with a constant ticking sound . Like a ticking when turning and going over bumps. They said they needed to fix the axle shafts which they did but still hearing sound. Heading back again this week .

  • Jessica R

    i have a 2018 jeep compass trail hawk. i purchased the vehicle November of 2018. it is still under warranty. since buying the vehicle it has been in the shop multiple times. i have had it towed to the dealership twice, because it would not move… wouldn’t shift into drive or reverse. i also had an error with the stop/start feature. they “cleared” the errors at the dealership. i already have to replace the pads and rotors on this vehicle. Now i have the same stop/start unavailable error again, AND the headliner is now leaking! every time we get a hard rain it drips with water. there are water stains all over the headliner. the dealership has put me on a waiting list to have it looked at. and i had to argue with them about getting a loaner vehicle, which they originally wanted me to pay for. i am worried about what kind of situation i will be in when the warranty is up.

  • Mike H

    I have a 2012 2.0l manual jeep compass… it has just 35000miles.. i bought it 2017 and it has fsh….the gearbox started whining a few weeks ago and now is very rattley and feels like it will pack in altogether at any time so no longer driving it at rhis point.
    This is surely unacceptable performance for such low mileage

  • Edisney C

    I bought a 2019 jeep compass sport 2 months ago it had a symbol (A!) Since I got it, not normal and it started making a sound whet you turn it off and it doesn’t feel right. I took it to the dealer they the symbol with some Upgrade they set but The noise is normal apparently, the guy told me that is bc the engine gets hot and it has to cool dawn bc is to hot.I set ok I will wait until winter and let see if it continue doing it. I am really unhappy with that let see what happen in a few months.

  • Felipe

    Worst car ever… bought a compass 3 weeks ago for memorial day, after the 3 day the engine start to shake and the automatic transmission jumps like crazy when accelerating, now the car it’s at the shop and it’s been 4 days since I left it, they said it’s a torque mount that need to be replaced and there it’s not more issues, “everything works perfect they said” don’t buy Jeep Compass, worst car ever

  • Ratinesh K

    Many issues. My Jeep compass 2018 had 1. the display system crash several times including screen going static and remaining on with very high volume even after switching car off (thought it was going to blow), 2. Heated seat option greys out intermittently, 3. reversing camera stops working, 4. Voice command for search does not work (eg ‘gas stations’ not address in NZ)

    New Zealand Jeep and Andrew Simms (dealer) is so bad at support that they have not come back to me for vseveral months

  • Elizabeth

    I leased a 2018 Jeep Compass in Jan 2018 worst car I have ever driven. Took the car on a road trip and it shut down twice while driving once on a railroad track. 2 weeks later the car would not go more than 9 mph towed to dealership where they said they were charging the batteries (2) for three days then I was told the car isn’t running because I don’t drive it enough . Now it is hesitating to start . This car has 8k miles on it .

  • E D

    I have a 2018 Jeep Compass That has shut down twice while driving , no explanation. Would not run over 9 miles an hour had it towed to the dealership where they “charged “ one of the two batteries for 3 days the car has 8k miles on it and I was told “ you don’t drive the car enough “ now 3 weeks later car ( with new battery per the dealership) doesn’t want to start !!

  • S.Kumar

    I had a Jeep Compass April 2018 bought in May 2018 . I had planned a first long trip (100 Miles) and in the middle of the trip it started giving problems . The Engine was overheated and the warning lights shown up. I have taken the car to the showroom and they said the coolant pipe was blocked and luckily I have not driven too much other wise Engine would have burnt out. Lost the confidence and credibility of the car and sold it for a cheaper price .

  • Ricardo

    2018 compass . After putting in in parking for 10 minutes i tried to put it in reverse and felt like it didn’t had engine mounts. The screen showed a”transmission service needed” . It stayed in 3rd gear and did not shifted. After 20 minutes i restarted it and worked normal. 6,500 miles only

  • shirley c

    I purchased a 2018 Jeep Compass, and my car jumps in 2nd gear when going up a hill or on random days. I have taken it to the Jeep and they can’t duplicate the problem! My car only has 14,500 miles and I have taken it to Jeep 14 TIMES! When my car was only 3 month old, they found a gasket leakage because the car won’t speed up. My windows went down on their own when I was in a carwash, my radio turn would turn on and off randomly, and my fog lights would not turn off when turning corners. Im still experiencing the jerking since 7,000 miles and I am going to report my car to the Lemon Law Department because I am fed up.

  • Jessie

    I’ve been dealing with many issues on my 2011 Jeep compass. No one seems to care. The problems didn’t start 2018, they started with the introduction of the cvt transmission and the tpim. I would love for my vehicle to be taken care of too.

  • Pankaj T

    Jeep is not good in transmission from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rdgear

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