2018 Ford F-350 Problems and Top Complaints – Is Your Car A Lemon?

Tailgate, suspension and steering issues among the top complaints received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners

When a driver gets behind the wheel of a 2018 Ford F-350, they expect that it is going to provide “Super Duty.”  Sadly that isn’t the case with this model. Instead of heavy-duty ability, owners face mounds of problems. The steering causes issues, the suspension leaves a lot to desire and the tailgate simply won’t stay shut.  It should be classified as Trouble Duty instead.

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Steering (Death Wobble)

When a driver heads out in their heavy-duty F-350, they don’t expect to run into significant trouble making their steering system perform the way it should. Yet, we see time and time again that owners struggle to keep the truck on the road when the littlest occurrence gets in the way.

Read this one comment left on the NHTSA website. “Traveling on the Interstate at approx. 65 mph, hit a bump in the road and the front end started violently shaking and had to slow to below 30 mph to get the shaking to stop. I have experienced this several times. I took the truck to the shop and they did a front end alignment and checked the balance of the tires, never mentioning the “death wobble.” It did take care of the problem for 3 months, however the problem has returned.”

What’s interesting about this complaint is that it isn’t a lone instance. Users across the country all experience the same thing. Despite all of the backlash to the company, Ford remains silent on the situation. There are no service bulletins or communications worth mentioning and no fixes being offered. It appears that drivers are supposed to just take it super slow while driving down the highway; maybe even put their four-ways on to alert others.

Here are some actual complaints logged with the NHTSA about the 2018 Ford F-350 Steering Problems:

“Death wobble” after hitting bridge joint, at 70 mph on highway, had to come to complete stop to for truck to stop wobbling. Truck has 14000 miles on it

When hitting a pot hole or expansion joint on roadways the truck has a violent shake or wobble in the front end making it very hard to control and drive.

Traveling approximately 50 mph over rough paved road, the steering started oscillating severely and continued until vehicle was slowed down to approximately 20 mph. Happened the next day under very similar circumstances


Going hand-in-hand with the steering issues, we see multiple troubles with the suspension. Since this system is designed to make the ride smooth and comfortable, we understand why customers are outraged and even scared to drive their trucks.

Here’s another complaint on the NHTSA website that sounds familiar to the last one. “While driving on the Interstate, on multiple occasions, at speeds of 55-70 mph, I’ve hit a small bump or rough patch on the road. This sends the steering wheel/front end into a violent, uncontrollable, oscillating wobble which requires you to pull off the road to get it to stop. This vehicle is unmodified and well-maintained since I purchased it brand new nine months prior. These incidents have caused shoulder and neck pain and have made me scared to even drive it. Ford has yet to acknowledge or repair this issue.”

Just like with the last complaint, we see that Ford has nothing to say. This “death wobble” incident is a real problem and is causing many loyal Ford owners to ditch the company for other automakers. Clearly, something went wrong with the manufacturing of these heavy-duty pickups and it must be fixed. It seems like Ford is simply trying to ghost its fan base. Maybe they are tired of producing America’s best-selling truck and they want to turn the title over to someone else.

Here are some actual complaints logged with the NHTSA about the 2018 Ford F-350 Suspension Problems:

TL* The contact owns a 2018 Ford F-350 SD. While hauling a trailer at highway speeds, the trailer detached without warning from the pins and aluminum connection. The failure damaged the rear of the vehicle and the trailer. The owner’s manual had not indicated that the towing capacity exceeded the guidelines. The dealer was not contacted. The manufacturer was notified. The insurance adjustor towed the vehicle to a repair facility to inspect the damages. The contact was waiting for a response from the manufacturer. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The failure mileage was not available.

Driver experiences wobbling or shaking in the vehicle at highway speeds (>45 mph). It stops at lower speeds. The symptoms are consistent with ford’s TSB 18-2268.

Structure (Tailgate and doors not securely closing)

While traveling with the 2018 Ford F-350, many people tow or carry cargo. That is what this truck is intended for, so it makes complete sense to give it a go. Sadly, many owners find that the tailgate has a mind of its own, often causing damage to these towed vehicles.

One NHTSA reviewer reported, “We are experiencing numerous uncommanded tailgate drops while the vehicle is in motion or just running. We recently were towing our 5th wheel trailer and when we pulled into fuel up our tailgate dropped and damaged both the truck’s tailgate (top molding) and put a hole in the front compartment door of the fifth wheel. We have taken the truck into two Ford dealerships and they have not been able to duplicate or diagnose the problem and per Ford Motor Company, they have stopped trying to diagnose the problem. On another day, we experienced three different uncommanded tailgate drops while we were towing our boat. One time, my husband was backing the truck and I was standing alongside the truck and the tailgate dropped uncommanded.”

Do you think there is a service bulletin from Ford about this complaint? If you said no, you’ve gotten the gist of what is happening here. Ford wants you to spend plenty of money to have a heavy-duty pickup, but apparently, they don’t want to invest that money into making a durable truck. What customers are left with is one big disappointment and a company that doesn’t want to fix the problems. Now we understand why loyal followers are looking to divorce Ford. It’s become a dysfunctional, damaging relationship, to say the least. Maybe they will do better with a truck that’s “Like a Rock” instead.

Here are some actual complaints logged with the NHTSA about the 2018 Ford F-350 Tailgate Problems:

Doors will not close, open, and or come open while driving usually on below freezing temperature days. This has happened while stationary and driving while making a turn drivers side door whipped open fortunately there was no oncoming traffic. Moisture in door latches freezing is the problem. Unfortunately there is no way to know if the latch is fully engaged while in motion. Also circumstance can occur that leave you locked in vehicle with only escape thru a window. Ford has called this repair customer service advisor 18n03. However this has been a ongoing problem with for vehicles for several years and Ford keeps putting out repairs that are often ineffective.

The tailgate will come down while riding down the road or after hitting a bump. Very unsafe while hauling or towing. There is no indicator in the cab to tell you the tailgate has dropped. Have had it in for service at least 4 times. Vehicle is less than a year old.

Electric tailgate has released and dropped open while driving. Has happened three times at low speed. Twice while pulling fifth wheel trailer and once not towing anything.

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